Western Digital Is Finally Resolving Its Outages

Western Digital is finally resolving its outages. And the company has now said that it is ready ot finish restoring all of its online services to full speed.

Western Digital Outages

Western Digital Outages

Many customers of Western Digital online services for a couple of weeks now have been left without access to services as it has now scrambled to ascertain the severity and depth of a “network security incident” in the closing week of March 2023.

Access to the MyCloud service was reportedly restored around two weeks just after the company announced the outages and then started its investigation. And even until then, many of the company’s customers were having to get their files through local access or not even get it at all.

Other partners of the cloud operations of the company, even so, have remained affected as it “proactively disconnected (its) systems and services from the public internet.” WD’s online store marking is very final online service to get back to operation and is expected to go live again in the week of mat 15.

Western Digital Confirms Hack

Western Digital with help from third-party forensics has now confirmed that an “unauthorized party obtained a copy of a Western Digital database” which it utilizes for its online store.

And as such, “unauthorized party obtained a copy of a Western Digital database” are all stated to have been gotten access to, as well as “hashed and salted passwords and partial credit card numbers” in an encrypted format.

The maker of hard drives promises to directly communicate with impacted customers, although it is still unclear as to precisely what they should do moving forward.

The company in a statement said: “Our factories are and have been operational throughout this incident and we are shipping products to meet our customers’ needs.”

Customers that are still making use of local access are being reminded that My Cloud services have now been back online for a couple of weeks now thus enabling easier online access.

Is Western Digital MyCloud Still Down

Just as mentioned already in this post, the company has now made giant strides in bringing its services back online. But prior to this, the company posted on its platform that:  “we are currently experiencing a service interruption that is preventing files access and use of the applications provided for your product, including the mobile, desktop, and web apps”.

Did Western Digital Get Hacked

The company was hacked. Western Digital Corp said recently that hackers got access to an internal database for its online store. The said database contained personal information such as addresses, names, and partial details of the credit card of its users.

Is Western Digital Owned By China

Western Digital or Western Digital Corporation is an American computer drive manufacturer as well as data storage company. This very company has its headquarters in San Jose, California. This means that the company is not owned in any way by China as it is an American-owned company.



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