Western Union Tracking – How to Track a Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union Tracking or Western Union is a company that transfers money to people and places instead of the commercial banking system. It must be registered for and comes with its transfer fees, terms, and condition. However, the western union provides a way through which givers and recipients can track their money transfers.

If you want to know more about what this entails? It’s not hard. In this article, I will explicitly tell you all it is and how to go about it.

Western Union Tracking – How to Track a Western Union Money Transfer

When it comes to tracking your money transfer through western union, it’s made easy through the use of a tracking number i.e money tracking control number. It is a ten-digit number and is peculiar to your transaction and can be seen on the transfer page/receipt email.

However, using an MTCN isn’t compulsory. If the case arises or depending on your choice, there are necessary steps to take to track a western union money transfer. These are:

With A Money Tracking Number

Here is how to track a western union money transfer with a money tracking number.

  1. The first thing to do is go to the western union website then tap on track a transfer. This will lead you to provide the money tracking control number, which you must have had when you made a transaction as a sender or given as a receiver.
  2. Now, follow the instructions given when you provide your MTCN and click on continue.
  3. As a receiver, put down your location, choose your country and the amount you’re to receive. If you’re a sender, make sure that your receiver’s location is already chosen.
  4. Haven done all that, adhere to all the prompts given, and confirm your identity. When successfully done, your monetary status will be known, and either collected or been collected.

Its literally that easy.

Without A Money Tracking Number

This is possible but should be an alternative when your MTCN isn’t available. To get this done, all that’s needed is the phone number/location of the sender and receiver, and the transactional amount involved.

If you want to get in touch with customer service, click on the “find your nearest agent”  box which will be seen when you scroll down on your homepage.

How Do I Get Receipts From Western Union?

Getting your receipt or transaction, isn’t an arduous task. You can get a copy of  your money transfer history by following the procedures given below:

  • Login to your account on the site (www.westernunion.com) or through the app
  • Go to the western union help center.
  • Finally, choose the email us option and money transfer copy from the list.

However, realize that you will only have access to the last 90 days’ transfer history and you will see it after 2-3 weeks due to processing.

Making use of western union for your financial transaction is really worth it, as it will give you access to track monetary transfers which is rare of the traditional banking system, and deliver at a fast rate. Haven understood what it all entails, take advantage of it when needed.


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