Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

Warner bros officially cancels the flash with the forthcoming ninth season of the show confirmed to be it’s last.

Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

Warner Bros Officially Cancels the Flash

The final season of the long-running DC drama will make its premiere in 2023 with a 13-episode run according to Deadline thus making it the shortest season length in the history of the show. Speculation in regards to the future of the show has been making the headlines since it was confirmed that Grant Gustin only had committed to a one-year deal back in January this year. That being said, it has now been confirmed that the series will be done before the end of 2023.

The series was launched back in 2014 and it began its life as a spin-off from Arrow and it followed the story of Gustin Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator who gained super-human speed after a certain explosion in the laboratory. He however started using his newly-found power and speed in fighting crime and hunting for other metahumans in the central city as the Flash, a masked superhero.

The Establishing Of the Flash However Led To Other Titles and Series

The establishment of The Flash however led to Warner Bros. and its DC Comics arms putting in place a series of interconnected spin-offs, which then became known as the Arrowverse. Animated web-series known as Vixen joined the fray in 2015, and then the ensemble show Legends of Tomorrow later came in 2016 just before Supergirl series followed in the same year.

In the following years that followed, a second animated web series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, made its debut, as well as a fifth series known as Batwoman, which also premiered in 2019. And, for its third season and beyond, Black Lightning was also written to become part of the shared universe. Every year ever since 2014, there has been a yearly crossover event that is involving several of the live-action series of the Arrowverse.

Arrowverse Started To Unravel In 2020

The Arrowverse however started to unravel in 2020 with the end of Arrow itself, which had been running for full eight seasons. And Warner Bros. then decided to pass on a spin-off known as the Green Arrow and the Canaries. And In 2021, both Supergirl and Black Lightning came to an end, and then in April 2022, other titles such as Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were both canceled.

With the series of events regarding many of the series in the Arrowverse over the years, the flash was left as the only standing show. And by the time the show completes its run, it will be the most successful series of the Arrowverse and also the longest-running one with nine seasons to the eight of Arrow.

With over 700 episodes across 40 seasons of TV, it really is an end of an era.


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