Cassian Andor’s Star Wars Disney Plus Series Has been Delayed

Cassian Andor’s Star Wars Disney Plus Series Has been Delayed unfortunately for us. Andor, the next Star Wars TV series would be making its debut on Disney Plus and has been delayed but by only a few weeks.

Cassian Andor’s Star Wars Disney Plus Series Has been Delayed

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Cassian Andor’s Star Wars Disney Plus Series Has been Delayed

The Disney Plus Show, which was originally supposed to arrive on Wednesday, August 31, has been pushed back by about three weeks. Now it seems like Andor would launch it on the streaming service on September 21. Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet explained why the Star Wars Prequel series has been further moved by some few weeks, but soon we would find out.

Regardless, this announcement came to us during the latest trailer for Andor which dropped online on Monday, August 1. The teaser also confirmed that Andor would be launching on Disney Plus with an unprecedented three-episode premiere – which is the very first time a Disney Plus Series has done that.

You can check out the official Trailer via this link.

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Disney Plus Makes Changes

Ordinarily, Disney Plus shows only receive an episode or two premieres when they get released. The fact that Andor would launch with three episodes, then, marks a significant departure from Disney’s usual Streaming release schedule.

It seems like that decision has been taken due to Andor’s episodic length. The series’ very first season is said to contain 12 episodes, meaning that it is twice as long as most marvel and star wars TV projects that have been released on Disney’s streaming platform. With more big-budget productions set to debut on Disney plus before the year is out too, it looks like Disney is looking to put more of Andor in front of viewers’ eyes as soon as they can.

Set five years before the events of Star Wars: Rogue One, Andor would follow deadbeat rogue Cassian Andor as he grows into the rebel spy that we get to see eventually in the hugely underrated Star Wars Movie.

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Another Spin-Off from Star Wars

The TV Show is expected to chart the rise of the Rebel Alliance, which grows right into the primary band of resistance fighters that would attempt to fight back against the Galactic Empire. The Series already has been renewed for a second season, too. Season 1 will depict events in the rebellion’s first year of formation, with season 2 following the next four years that lead to the event that happened in Rogue One.

Tony Gilroy, who wrote the screenplay for the Rogue One, is on show running duties, while Toby Haynes (Black Mirror, Utopia), Susanna White (Billions, Trust), and Benjamin Caron (The Crown, Sherlock) would be split directing their duties.

All Those that are starring alongside the Luna include Genevieve O’Reilly (Tolkien), Who reprises her role as Mon Mothma from Rouge One. Adria Arjona (6 Underground, Morbius). Stellan Skarsgard (Thor, Dune), and Kyle Soller (Poldark, Fury) happen to be a part of the show’s extensive cast.

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