Stray’s Cat Can Now be Replaced as Gaming’s Favorite Dragon

Stray’s Cat Can Now be Replaced as Gaming’s Favorite Dragon. Spyro has arrived on the dingy neon streets of Stray in a new mod that transforms the feline adventure into a Serpent’s sojourn.

Stray’s Cat Can Now be Replaced as Gaming’s Favorite Dragon

While the Stray’s Silent cat has leaped right into Doom, a significantly scalier creature is on the scene to take its place. The pithily name Spyro the Dragon mod swaps Stray’s furry hero with the classic purple mascot.

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Stray’s Cat Can Now be Replaces as Gaming’s Favorite Dragon

The Mod would enable you to play as Spyro and replaces every other cat that you might encounter in the game with another dragon of a different color or pattern. Making use of the Spyro Character model from 2018’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the dragon’s hi-res texture makes it fit right in with Stray’s Stranger-than-fiction city.

This is a mod, though, so you would need to be running Stray on your PC to get it going. If you are a PS5 or a PS4 owner, you are lucky in a different way, as console gamers get to play Stray for free with this trick, I would be showing you below.

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Swooping in

Spyro fits well in the role surprisingly. Despite Spyro being a fire-breathing dragon, he is quite similar to Stray’s tabby, allowing him to slot right into the cyberpunk world without discrepancy. Also, it helps that he is a pretty friendly fella, and rivals even the most cuddly cat for cuteness.

With nothing yet on any Spyro game, fans of the 3D platformer would have to manage what this Stray’s Mod is offering them. Stray’s Single-button jumping cannot rival the fluid aerial platforming brought to you by the original series, although it is arguably at its best when you are doing nothing at all. Even Insomniac, the original dev studio that worked on Spyro, is on board, tweeting support for the mod.

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Expecting More Mods

Creator CelticDragon85 Stated that they are also keen to see Stray’s Cat replaced with Pokémon’s Eevee or Mew, so be on the watch for more fury imposters heading to the game. It would have been a lot better if someone could combine the Stray Splitscreen multiplayer mod, we would all be set.

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