Oculus Quest 2 Players Now Have a Reason to Try PC VR

Oculus Quest 2 players now have a reason to try PC VR as there is now a stealthy VR deal on the table.

Oculus Quest 2 Players Now Have a Reason to Try PC VR

Oculus Quest 2 Players Now Have a Reason to Try PC VR

If you are an owner of an oculus quest 2 and you feel like trying out what PC VR has to offer, then you will want to get a Republique VR for free on steam while you still have the chance.

Oculus Quest 2 by Meta might have made a name for itself as a fully standalone VR headset, one that works well without the need of a console or PC to power it. But if however, if you know how to connect your oculus quest 2 to a PC, then you will be able to gain experience with a lot of other games and titles.

Playing PC VR and Its Challenges

Playing PC VR on the other hand has its very own challenges as the wireless Air Link connection of the quest 2 to a PC isn’t always the best option. And also your computer might not just be good enough to be able to run a VR gaming title. Fortunately, there is a PC VR game that is available right now on steam that will allow you to test out your setup without getting to pay a dime on anything at all.

In order to celebrate 10-year anniversary of the studio, Camouflaj is currently giving away Republique VR on Steam. It’s not yet clear as to when the deal will end though. That being said we’d advise you to get in and grab it for free while you can.

A Free Test for PC VR

Truthfully, Republique VR is not the best VR game out there in the market. The third-person perspective kind of feels odd and the gameplay on the other hand which borrows mostly from the mobile exclusive original does not make up for most of the immersive nature of VR.

However, the storyline of the game is an engaging thriller that is very much likely to keep you hooked for the full run, and the visuals also are pretty solid to boot. Additionally, it’s free. This means that even if you do end up hating it you won’t have wasted any of your hard-earned paycheck or time on it.

If you want to try it out and you do not have an oculus quest 2 or a PC VR headset such as the world’s best VR headset the valve index, then you can get a non-VR version of Republique for free.


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