Walmart Back to School Supplies Under $1

Walmart Back to School has started already and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing deals and discounts offered by this store. Walmart Back to School

Generally, shopping for back-to-school supplies begins in July but Walmart offers school supplies as early as June. In this article, you will discover some amazing deals you can get from Walmart. Read on!

Walmart Back to School

Are you looking for an easy way to save on school supplies this year?  If your answer is yes, you should check out the Back-to-school supplies offered by Walmart. Just like every other online and physical store, Walmart offers amazing discounts during the summer.

This is to help students, parents, and teachers save as they purchase items in preparation for school. Although the online store does not release a new ad each week, you can be sure that items are offered at slashed prices in the store.

Walmart Back to School Supplies

You should know that Walmart Back School shopping can save a lot of money. At Walmart, you can get school supplies at 50% off or more. Walmart also has a supply list that will help you not to miss out on any important item.

This online store has the best items for you to stock up on everything you need for school. This section of the article contains some amazing Back to School Supplies deals you will definitely love.

Walmart Back to School Supplies Under $1

Below are some Back to school supplies under $1 you can get at Walmart.

Pen + Gear Composition Book

The Pen + Gear composition book is a great composition book for jotting down lists and taking notes or assignments. The front and back covers are made of durable materials and this makes them long-lasting.

The composition book is lightweight and very convenient to carry around. It is also sizable such that it can be easily carried in backpacks, tote bags, or laptop bags.  The cover design is also another feature of the notebook you will love.


Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Looking for a safe glue for your kids? You should get Elmer’s glue for them. This glue is washable and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the glue stains on your clothes, it easily washes out of clothes with soap and water. It is also ideal for arts and crafts projects at home or school.


Cra-Z-Art School Quality Crayons

The Cra-Z-Art crayon is not like other crayons you know. It is non-toxic and built to last longer. It is designed for kids 3 years and above and because of its non-toxicity, you don’t have to worry about it harming your child.

The crayon are pre-sharpened and comes in bright and attractive colors that your kids will definitely love.


Norcom Filler Paper

The Norcom Filler paper is useful for note taking, homework and lots more. This filler paper is also helpful for office activities. The paper comes in handy for students and professionals that want to keep their work organized and in order.

The paper is manufactured with quality materials making it more long lasting. If your child wants to master the art of penmanship, you should get this filler paper for him or her.


Pen + Gear Memo Book

This memo book is a must have for students, office professionals and parents. Its size is also fit able and it can be carried in backpacks, bookbags and tote bags. The cover is also made up of durable materials and this protects your writing from wear and tear.

In addition to this, the memo cover is eco friendly and you can get it as gift for students, parents or office professionals.


Walmart Back to School Supplies for Preschool

If your child is in Pre-K, you can get amazing deals on Walmart. Below are our top picks for Back-to-school shopping for preschool.

Crayola Classic Crayons

There’s no doubt that Preschool kids love painting. Crayola is a popular brand when it comes to crayons. You don’t have to worry about this crayon harming your child as it is nontoxic.

The nontoxic crayon is made up of quality materials that makes them produce vibrant colors that will also last long on paper. Lastly, this crayon is ideal for coloring books, paper crafting projects and lots more.


LeapFrog Laptop for Toddlers

The Leapfrog 2in 1 Leaptouch Touch is a good laptop for kids. This is a cute educational laptop that teaches kids about letters, numbers, music and lots more. The laptop is also customizable as you can set it up to teach your child how to spell his or her name.

You can convert this laptop from keyboard to tablet mode and it educates your child in an entertaining way. It also has an handle that makes it easy to carry around.


Contixo Kids Learning Tablet

When you are thinking about getting a learning device for your kids in school, you should get the Contixo Kids learning tablet for them. This is an educational learning tablet for kids and it comes with an in-built parental control.

Are you concerned about you child damaging and dropping the tablet? You shouldn’t! The Contixo kids’ tablet is made with a soft silicone case that protects it from damages due to minor drops.

It comes with an inbuilt parental control and with this, you can create and customize profiles for your kids account and monitor the websites they visit.


Ticonderoga My First Wood-Cased Pencils

The Ticonderoga pencils are made up fine quality materials that makes them superior. These pencils are easy for small hands to hold and this makes it an ideal option for kids in preschool.

The pencil is also made with quality graphite that makes writing smooth for kids. The attractive color is also an added advantage.


Schoolyard Vibes Backpack

This is a stylish backpack set your kids will love. The schoolyard vibes backpack set comes with a backpack, an insulated lunchbox, and matching headphones with microphone.

This set is ideal for playing and virtual learning. The backpack is very convenient as the shoulder straps are padded. The water-resistant feature also make the set long lasting.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are Back to School Sales?

The sales for back to school began as early as July after July Fourth holiday. This is so that more buyers will focus on the discounts that the majority of retailers are supplying by advertising relatively early. But this phase won’t end until the end of the summer.

Which Retailer has the Best Back-to-school Sales?

Aside from Walmart, there are several stores that provide fantastic back-to-school prices. Some of them provide discounts on other categories like school supplies, laptops, apparel, books, and much more. They include Amazon, Wayfair, and Target.

How Can I Save Money on Back-to-School Purchases?

There are many ways to get discounts on back-to-school purchases. You can take advantage of tax-free shopping weekends offered by several states to save money. Before making a purchase, compare pricing at several retailers will help.



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