Amazon Kindle Update Set to Remove an Important Feature for Many Users

Amazon kindle update set to remove an important feature for many users. That being said, it now seems that there will be no more buying books feature on the device and platform.

Amazon Kindle Update Set to Remove an Important Feature for Many Users

Amazon Kindle Update Set to Remove an Important Feature for Many Users

If you take a step back into memory lane to may this year, it was announced that older versions of amazon kindle e-readers will be losing a very important feature in the near future. That being said, we are really sorry to announce to you that the stipulated future date is now here upon us.

What is this key and important feature, you may be curious? Well, this key feature is the ability for users to buy books on the device. It is a really major feature of the device. But however, users will still be able to send files over to the e-reader so it does not make your kindle device totally useless, kind of.

Kindle Users Will Lose the Ability to Buy Books on the Device

The affected kindles with this update are the fourth and fifth generational models which were released back in 2011 and 2012 as well also the international and keyboard models. You can easily check the model number of your kindle in the settings menu of the device under device info although it will be very much easier to check to know if you can still buy an eBook on your kindle device.

You however do not need to dump your kindle right now. And as we have earlier said there are still other mediums through which you can get digital files onto your kindle and continue reading them. We also have imagined that many users do not even make use of the on-device kindle store as it is way a lot slower and clunkier to make use of them than the app and website, and that’s a fact.

Other Things You Can Now Do With Your Kindle Device

If however, you do not purchase books on your computer browser or on the kindle store, you can send them to your kindle immediately so that the book will be accessible when next you connect the e-reader to the web. You can also send PDFs and many other files to your kindle as this is an alternative way that still works just fine.


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