Google Is Now Working On Bringing an Important Missing Feature to Wear OS

Google is now working on bringing an important missing feature to Wear OS as it is long overdue.

Google Is Now Working On Bringing an Important Missing Feature to Wear OS

Google Is Now Working On Bringing an Important Missing Feature to Wear OS

If you make the switch at the moment to a new smartphone and you are still sticking with the same Wear OS smartwatch, the only option you will be having is to reset the watch and then begin all over again from scratch as this is the only official support. This scenario is in no way ideal but it, however, seems that help is on the way finally.

As seen by XDA developers, there is now a code in the Google play services app for android that make references to being able to back up Wear OS data to Google One in the cloud just before syncing it back to the wearable most presumably after a smartphone switch.

There is now a ‘Back up your device with Google One’ text string, for instance, together with another option to select a Google account to utilize for the backup process. And from the code that has been seen before, it is looking as if this very on will be an opt-in feature.

There Are Still No Indications in Regards to When the Feature Will Be Available

So far from what we know, there is no indication or sign in regards to when the feature will be available to users. Officially, Google has not yet said anything and it is not yet clear how much of a priority it is for the engineers of Google that are currently working on the Wear OS.

The imminent arrival of the Google Pixel Watch however is expected around September or October as this would be the best and most perfect opportunity to add some major new functionality to the Wear OS. And also at the moment, we are assuming that many of the smartwatches that are running Wear OS, or at the least those that are launched in recent times and years will be getting the upgrade also.

Just recently, Samsung launched the galaxy watch 5 and the galaxy watch 5 Pro. And the apple watch 8 is also reported to be available before the end of the year. That being said, the competition in the smartwatch industry is getting tougher than it used to, and as Google also readies its very first products in this very category.


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