Recent Apple Leaks Points to A September Event with an iPhone 14 Mini

Recent apple leaks points to a September event with an iPhone 14 mini. This leak reported seems to be very bold and it is clearly not afraid to be different from other leaks.

Recent Apple Leaks Points to A September Event with an iPhone 14 Mini

Recent Apple Leaks Points to A September Event with an iPhone 14 Mini

If you have been following the major leaks and reports in regards to the iPhone 14, then you will know that majority of them so far have suggested that apple will not be producing an iPhone 14 mini and thus will instead launch an iPhone 14 max as the fourth flagship model of 2022. A new leak now making the waves now seems to row against that very ride and insinuation.

As per Evan Blass and 91mobiles which are two well know and popular sources of leaks with good track records, one of Apple’s partners in Asia is currently planning on stocking seven new devices next month. And these devices include an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro, an iPhone 14 pro max, and the reported iPhone 14 mini.

If that was not enough to keep you at the edge of your seat, the list is rounded out by the 10th generation entry-level 10.2-inch iPad, and two new iPad Pros which are 11-inch models and a 12.9-inch model.

Many other leakers and tipsters are predicting that we will not be seeing any new iPads until October, but this leak however has them appearing at the unveiling of the iPhone 14.

Is This Leak Concrete?

When you add up all of these together, it looks like this information might be wrong in so many ways, but it is however worth reporting on simply because of the reputation and track record of the sources that are involved. Blass had previously leaked out information in advance in regards to the Google pixel watch accurately among many other devices for instance.

And that these details have been revealed at all is major evidence that it is quite difficult to produce devices in secret. And while companies such as Samsung, Google, and Apple might just be able to keep tabs on their very own employees, a whole range of third parties, from phone case makers to international retailers all need to be told about what is coming in time.

Take This Rumor with a Pinch of Salt

That being said and putting all of these into consideration we advise that you take this rumor with a bit of skepticism. And although it would be coming as a big surprise, it just could be that there will be a successor to the iPhone 13 mini after all. and it just might be that apple wants to save time by unveiling its new iPads and iPhones all at once, although at this point, it all seems very much unlikely.


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