Twitter Now Has a New API for Start-Ups

Twitter now has a new API for start-ups, but you should however know that it does not come cheap. The pro plan of utilizing the new API will set startups back on $60,000 every year, and that is if your start-up can afford that in the first place.

Twitter New API for Start-Ups

Twitter New API for Start-Ups

Not really long after soon-to-be ex-CEO of social media platform Twitter, Elon Musk switched off APIs controversially for the networking platform, thus leaving plenty of third-party apps in the air as well as with no business model, the firm has now just announced that APIs are on their way back to the platform for many users, but however with a twist, a very expensive one.

The so-called ‘Twitter API Pro’ tier in question was initially announced by @TwitterDev on the network with smaller companies as well as startups in mind, and it is reportedly priced at $5,000 per month, just sitting above the $100-per-month Basic plan and the Enterprise plan on the other hand.

Twitter Tweet Announcing the New Development

The Tweet in question reads: “Experiment, build, and scale your business with 1M Tweets per month, including our powerful real-time Filtered/Stream and Full Archive Search endpoints. We look forward to seeing what you build next!”

Notable and eye-catching features of the Pro plan include rate-limited access to a host of v2 endpoints and this is inclusive of search and filtered stream, as well as the ability to fetch 1,000,000 tweets and then post 300,000 tweets every month. The plan also has support for three app IDs.

And elsewhere beyond the paid plans, Twitter also just launched a free API tier and plan in the early parts of this year with support for posting 1,500 tweets per month effectively by content-producing bots.

How Twitter Sees APIs

The platform as you should know sees APIs as being used by businesses, research programs, as well as educational accounts, but also for members of the public and those persons that are looking to “experiment, explore, create, and have fun.”

And even so, at the equivalent of a whopping $60,000 per year, Twitter API Pro is very much unlikely to attract all customers that are looking to graduate from the Basic plan given to the colossal jump in price.

And among the replies in the Twitter thread are users that are commenting on the price which may be way out of budget for startups and others on the other hand suggesting an elastic approach as it is seen by other cloud companies who let payments to be based on a per-Tweet basis, rather than just on defined tiers.

How to Get Access to the Twitter API

Signing up for the free tier of Twitter API is easy but only if you know what you are doing. Many businesses are already signed up to it given the cost of the paid tiers. With that being said, follow the steps below to successfully sign up to Twitter API;

  • Sign up for a developer account on Twitter.
  • The second step will need you to save your app’s key and tokens and then keep them secure.
  • Step three will have you make your first request.

That’s it. and from there, you will need to find an endpoint to start working with through the Twitter API reference index. For a more detailed step on how to go about signing up on Twitter API, check here.



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