Facebook’s New Conversions API: How to Create a Conversion API on Facebook

Have you heard of Facebook’s New Conversions API? or perhaps you don’t understand what it entails? If your answer is in the affirmative, you’ve come aright. In a simple and analytical way, I will tell you what it entails.

Facebook's New Conversions APIFacebook’s New Conversions API

Facebook’s new conversions API is a business tool that enables you to share keywords and offline events or customer actions directly from your server to Facebook’s conversation API with Facebook pixel, the main purpose tilts towards the improvement, performance, and measurement of Facebook ad campaigns.

How Does the Facebook’s New Conversions API Work?

If your inquisitive or in the dark about how the new Facebooks Conversions API work, it’s isn’t complex and very simple, I will walk you through below:

  • Facebook’s new conversations API was majorly created to help advertisers track and find consumers to their KPIs, it is also a new tracking method that allows and enables sending data and events from their server back to Facebook. However, it is to avoid restrictions and new laws helping customer privacy when tracking online behaviors and actions.
  • It also allows for more holistic measurement and environment for advertising campaigns and allowing advertisers to send online and offline signals back to Facebook.
  • The main purpose is to help in web browsing tracking and the problems that may accrue to it in the nearest future.
  • It is also to assist in client communication, to enables clients to read new articles about the evolution of digital advertising, and to assure them of the future.

These are some of the reasons for Facebook’s new conversions API, and its major functioning.

How to Create a Conversion API on Facebook

Do you want to create a conversion API on Facebook? It’s not arduous, follow the listed procedures and processes below:

  • The first thing needed is to go to your events manager.
  • Then proceed to select the pixel that you desire to associate with the conversations API.
  • You can then click add events, which is below the activity graph.
  • Finally, below the activity graph, you will see *add events*, then you can click on it.

Following ardently these prescribed instructions, you should be able to create a conversion API on Facebook.

How Does Tracking with Facebook’s Conversions API Work?

Knowing how the Facebook conversion API work is highly important, am going to tell you how it works and how it will assist your brand or as an advertiser.

They are given below:

  • The Facebook conversion API helps brands track the performance of their campaigns that doesn’t require cookies and the tracking on with Facebook Conversions API.
  • It coordinates and sees data sent back to brands and their customers, also owing to privacy shortcomings.
  • It also unlocks new grounds and cases for your advertisement campaigns.
  • The customers are recognized by exposes single clients’ view, with the data sent to Facebooks ads by a scenario node.

Having understood what Facebook’s new conversion API is all about and the attendant benefits and advantages, it will be okay to make good use of it by joining and creating a Facebook Conversion API.

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