YouTube for TV Reportedly Gets New Start-up Sound

YouTube for TV reportedly gets new start-up sound and could also be adding comments with changes coming on the big screen.

YouTube for TV Reportedly Gets New Start-up Sound

YouTube for TV Reportedly Gets New Start-up Sound

In the event that you use the YouTube app on your big-screen television set, then you may have recently noticed a couple of changes these days ranging from a new sound and animation that appears immediately after the app boots as well as the option to display comments alongside whatever it is that you are watching.

The sound is official and YouTube on its own end has detailed everything you need to know about it in a blog post. Something “vibrant, engaging, and easily recognizable” was required, and with that YouTube had to enlist the help of sonic branding studio Ant food in getting the studio snippet just about right.

The Animation and Sound Will Be Appearing Apparently In More YouTube Apps Over Time

The three-second clip according to YouTube goes from “rich, pitch-bending tones that signify the irresistible gravitational pull of YouTube” to a major 7th cord that “represents the way YouTube allows you to explore the things you really love”, and that the animation and sound will be appearing apparently in more YouTube apps in time.

The other major change to the YouTube app for TVs at the moment is not yet official but it has however been seen on Reddit via Android Police, and it gives users the option to view comments. While you are viewing videos, you also get the choice and option of displaying comments in a sidebar on the right. This feature just might come in handy for videos that have lots of discussions just below the line that want to check out. But you will however need to launch the mobile app in the event that you want to respond to comments or add your own comment.

YouTube Has Not Confirmed That the Comments Feature Is In Testing

YouTube yet has not acknowledged that the comments feature is in testing, but it is very much clear to some of its users out there. And whether or not it gets rolled out eventually to everyone making use of YouTube on a TV remains to be seen.


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