Nvidia Update on RTX 4090 GPU Melting Adapter Shows Likely Cause

Nvidia update on RTX 4090 GPU melting adapter shows likely cause. The common issue here is that the connector is not plugged properly into the graphics card.

Nvidia Update on RTX 4090 GPU Melting Adapter Shows Likely Cause

Nvidia Update on RTX 4090 GPU Melting Adapter Shows Likely Cause

GPU-making company, Nvidia has now released a statement on the RTX 4090 GPU and its investigation that is still ongoing into incidents of melting power adapters.

Team Green already notes that a common issue with the reported 12VHPWR adapters which are currently melting is they were not plugged in correctly or properly. And the company also estimates that there have been some 50 known cases of this globally.

What Nvidia Has To Say about the Issue

Nvidia wrote: “We are actively investigating the reports. We are aware of about 50 cases globally. Our findings to date suggest that a common issue is that connectors are not fully plugged into the graphics card.

“To help ensure the connector is secure we recommend plugging the power dongle into the graphics card first to ensure it’s firmly and evenly plugged in, before plugging the graphics card into the motherboard.”

The company concludes that: “We are investigating additional ways to ensure that the connector is secure before powering on the graphics card.”

Nvidia Provides Guides to Illustrate How to Plug the Adapter Correctly

The company has also provided a host of images in a bid to illustrate the adapter being correctly and properly seated and another where the adapter is not fully plugged in.

What Will Happen To Affected Users and Owners

Those users who have been affected by the melting adapter issue will get to benefit from “an expedited RMA process, regardless of the cable or card used,” therefore replacement RTX 4090 boards will be given out quickly to all users that were reportedly affected.

This is good news as there are suggestions of user error in this case, in regards to the adapter not being fully plugged in. but even though that has been the case, Nvidia will replace the entire damaged graphics card in question. And as Gamers Nexus (GN) clarified, Nvidia said: “Anyone who has an issue [with the melting adapter] will be taken care of. We’ll expedite an RMA.”


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