Google Services –  How to update Google Play Services on Android

Google services are is Google Play. It is one of the important and powerful software on Android devices. It is the major background service and API package for Android devices from Google. It was created in 2012, it enables access to the Google+ APIs and OAuth 2.0.

Google Services

Its coverages have been extended to other Google Play Services, this enables the application to communicate with the service via simple means as reported by

However, most apps on your Android devices use Google Play every day. And it’s very shocking that most people do not know this not to talk about updates. Let’s see everything you need to know about Google Play as you on further.

Google Services

Before we proceed further let’s see what Google Play is about. Google Play Services is a layer of software connecting apps, Google Play services, and Android. This software Google Play runs in the background of the Android device and manages all the apps. It helps push notifications, shows your location and other day-to-day activities on the Android device.

However, Google Play is part of Google Mobile Services or GMS. It serves as a tool used by Google to place all developers together. It keeps certain sensitive information from apps and manages all the background tasks to enhance the efficiency of the battery. It allows apps from the Google Play Store to connect to Google APIs as mentioned above. It’s very necessary to have Google Play Store on your Android and it cannot function without Google play.

How to Update Google Play Service

Google Play does update automatically via Google play on devices installed in Android 4.1 and above. However, Google can get updates without manufacturers getting to update android firmware, or working around the fragmentation of the platform.

 How to update Google Play Services on Android

To update Google play on Android is easy and simple. Start your update by finding Google Play in the Apps or Apps & Notifications settings.  Here are the steps below:

  • Get to the Settings on your Google Play Store app on your Android phone.
  • Click “Apps & Notifications.” In case your Android device does not have the option, click on “Apps.”
  • Click on the “See all apps” if you have that option. Or you will see a list of all your apps.
  • Click on “Google Play services.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Advanced,” then “App details.” If you don’t see that, just choose “App details in store.”
  • When you click on the link for app details, you’ll be automatically sent to the Google Play Store. In the Google Play Store, if you see “Install” at the top of the screen, click on it. If there’s an update available, click on “Update”.

If all you see is “Deactivate,” it means your Google Play is up to date.


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