The New PS5 Will Reportedly Weigh Less and Cost More

The new PS5 will reportedly weigh less and cost more. The revamp by the gaming console company SONY means that the load on the PS5 consoles will lessen dramatically but in regards to weight.

The New PS5 Will Reportedly Weigh Less and Cost More

The New PS5 Will Reportedly Weigh Less and Cost More

Following through with the recent price hike overseas over the last week, Sony has now released an updated PlayStation 5 with one major difference thus far as it weighs less.

According to a Monday report from Press Start, new versions of the Digital and Disc PS5 are now available in Australia. The paperwork for the now update consoles reveals the weight is now pegged down by 200 grams for the digital and 300 grams on the other hand for this disc version. There also might be other changes to its internal structure that will not be known until the new PS5 is torn down.

The Updated PS5 Was First Released In Australia

The updated PS5 was first released in Australia by Sony this very same month last year with slightly lesser weight and a new base screw. This then means that since its launch back in 2020, the digital PSF version had dropped 500 grams while the disc version on the other hand has dropped 600 grams.

There were major concerns in the previous year that the smaller heatsink present in the new updates console made it run hotter, but after further tests were carried out on it, it showed that was not the case.

Sony Increased the Price of the Console in Markets All Over the Globe

Sony increased the price of the console in markets all over the globe just last week, stating that the move was a “necessity given the current global economic environment.” Sony also revealed a new PS5 customizable controller but it, however, did not provide more details on the price of the controller or when it will be available on the market.

When Will the New Console Be Widely Available?

At the moment it is still very much unclear as to whether the new updated PS5 will be more widely available. This is because the console has been widely elusive since it was released.


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