Microsoft Teams Is Including One of the Worst Things About Phone Calls to Its Service

Microsoft Teams is including one of the worst things about phone calls to its service. The update to Microsoft Teams will introduce one of the worst things in regard to normal phone calls.

Microsoft Teams Is Including One of the Worst Things About Phone Calls to Its Service

Microsoft Teams Is Including One of the Worst Things About Phone Calls to Its Service

Have you ever been left waiting to connect to a Microsoft teams calls and then thought to yourself, “what might make this experience even more tedious?”, then it just might be that you are in luck.

Microsoft Teams just recently announced that it will be including hold music for users that are unlucky enough to have their calls transferred.

What does this mean? This simply means that when a call is made, music can be played to users on hold. The company said this in a new entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap thus replacing the silent void that is presently in place as you patiently wait to be connected.

The Type of Music That Will Be Played On Those People on Hold

As of yet, it is still not known the type of music that will be played on those people on hold, whether it is an elevator-style type of music or some smooth summer jazz or even customized options just to allow you to play whatever song that you want.

This very feature has a scheduled availability date of September 2022 in general. That being said, users will not have to wait for long in order to ‘enjoy the new edition. And when released, the feature will be available for all users all across Microsoft Teams on Web, mac, and on desktop.

Microsoft Teams Is Looking To Make the Platform More Intuitive and Helpful For Users

The addition is the most recent from Microsoft Teams as the company is looking to make the platform more intuitive and helpful for users.

And just recently, Microsoft announced that users would have the option to select live captions in whatever language they prefer. When starting and setting up a call, users of Microsoft Teams will be able to choose live captions in the language of their selection, thus helping them to gain a better understanding of other participants.

Microsoft Is Working On an Interactive Large Gallery Upgrade

In other aspects, the company noted that it is working on an “Interactive Large Gallery” upgrade. This mean that your calls will now include feeds from up to 49 video participants all at once. Users can now interact with others through actions such as pin and spotlight, and then observe their meeting activity such as raise hand and reactions.

Microsoft also have announced that it is now working on including Question and Answer capabilities to Teams webinars and meetings and in the process bringing a whole new level of interactivity and collaboration features.


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