Lenovo Glasses T1 Are the Wearables That Work With iPhones

Lenovo glasses T1 are the wearables that work with iPhones and they are set to arrive in 2023.

Lenovo Glasses T1 Are the Wearables That Work With iPhones

Lenovo Glasses T1 Are the Wearables That Work With iPhones

As of yet, Apple does not have an AR headset, but Lenovo on the other hand however just announced a pair of display glasses that will work seamlessly with iPhones through a lightning adapter. The Lenovo glasses T1 are one of a handful of computer devices and products that was announced by the company on Thursday at Berlin’s IFA tech show, and they are not AR-enabled. They however could be a second display for your computer or your phone.

Wired display-enabled glasses that work as head-worn monitors have been existing for years now and most notably TLC’s NXTWear G glasses which will soon be getting a wireless upgrade. Lenovo has already made a couple of AR and VR devices over the last decade and this is including the ThinkReality A3 of last year which is a pair of AR glasses utilizing Qualcomm’s technology.

The Glasses T1 are USB-C Connected

The glasses T1 are USB-C connected. That being said, they should be able to work with a vast range of android, windows, and even Mac devices. The interesting part of this device is the lightning adapter which also should make them work with iPhones.

These glasses have high contrast Micro-OLED displays with a resolution of 1,920×1,080-pixel per eye and built-in speakers and also have TUV low Blue light certification. And very much like Lenovo’s ThinkReality glasses, there is a set of adjustable node bridges, and also the option for custom prescription lens inserts.

The Glasses Have No Price Tag Attached To Them Yet

As of yet, the glasses have no price tag attached to them, but they will however go on sale this very year in china. And they will then be available in other regions of the world in 2023. And by that time, apple should be readying its own AR headset at the least by then.


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