The Latest Round of Disney Layoffs Has Kicked Off

The latest round of Disney layoffs has kicked off. The entertainment company in the early parts of this week fired thousand more of its employees after initial reports claimed that the second round of Disney layoffs this year would be starting with a bloodbath.

Latest Round of Disney Layoffs

Latest Round of Disney Layoffs

Thousands more of Disney’s employees are facing the axe this week in what is the second of three rounds of layoffs company-wide that is meant to help the firm get back on strong financial footing.

The Cuts Are Made Across a Host of the Corporate Arms of the Company

Following the announcement of  CEO Bob Iger back in March that Disney was seeking to lay off some 7,000 of its employees, Reuters now reports that the second round of firings started already and it is projected to continue through Thursday just before picking up again in the latter parts of this year. And while the frontline hourly workers at Disney’s parks and resorts are not expected to be affected by the said layoffs, cuts are however being made across a host of the corporate arms of the company such as ESPN, Disney Entertainment, the products division, as well as Disney Parks’ corporate leadership.

What Disney Has To Say about the Layoffs

“The senior leadership teams have been working diligently to define our future organization, and our biggest priority has been getting this right, rather than getting it done fast,” Disney Entertainment co-chairs Alan Bergman and Dana Walden in an internal staff memo stated. “We recognize that it has been a period of uncertainty and thank you all for your understanding and patience.”



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