T-Mobile Layoffs Set To Affect Retail Staff

T-Mobile Layoffs are set to affect retail staff as the company is now refocusing more on retail store formats.

T-Mobile Layoffs Set To Affect Retail Staff

T-Mobile Layoffs Set To Affect Retail Staff

T-Mobile is now laying off a couple of employees according to reports. And this is happening as the company is now shifting its retail strategy. Company workers have now been affected by the retail move and also have been told about the options available to them and the next steps.

in regards to the scope and specifics of the layoffs, the company has refused to share any detail, but Wave7 Research analyst Jeff Moore revealed to Light Reading that they could well amount to about 600 employees. Moor also said that the layoffs mostly are among territorial retail managers and retail dealers as well.

The Effect of T-Mobile’s Move

This move would reflect the bigger retail strategy change the president of T-Mobile’s consumer group, Jon Freier outlined on Thursday in a blog post. The firm is now moving away from one-size-fits-all stores and thus expanding to four types of retail formats which are showrooms for events and product launches, smaller company-owned stores that are stocked with top products, broad service “Experience stores,” and the Metro-branded “Express stores” all aimed at the prepaid market.

“Is brick-and-mortar retail dead? Here’s what I think: Yes, the way we’ve known it is dead,” Freier in a blog post said.

T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile Territory Managers Are Being Laid Off According To Early Reports

Early reports last Thursday which were noticed by Nwida said that T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile territory managers were being laid off. They however were given the chance to apply for their former jobs, which this time around would have new titles. Affected employees would be prioritized over new candidates in the event that they applied for other positions that are open and this is including new roles that are related to the retail strategy shift.

T-Mobile Has Gone Through Groves Of Layoffs in the Last Couple of Years

T-Mobile has now gone through groves of layoffs in the last couple of years. Tons of jobs in the small business sales unit of the company were reportedly cut back in June 2020 as part of streamlining following the finalization of the $26.5 billion merger of T-Mobile with Sprint. And absorbing the other carrier led to other rounds of layoffs in 2021 and 2022 although T-Mobile has also employed new workers as it continues to shift its strategies.

Other Companies to Be Cutting Off Jobs and Staff

T-Mobile is not alone in job cutting, Verizon recently announced an undisclosed number of layoffs just last august after undergoing a disappointing second quarter. And in December AT&T also let go of a couple of hundred employees as part of the company’s refocus on faster0-growing segments such as 5G and fiber internet.


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