The End of Windows 8.1 Is Finally Here

The end of Windows 8.1 is finally here. The end of life for Windows 8.1 is getting closer than ever and will soon be upon us as extended support for the popular operating system is set to end in the early parts of 2023.

The End of Windows 8.1 Is Finally Here

The End of Windows 8.1 Is Finally Here

The mainstream support for Windows 8.1 ended back on the 9th of January 2021. And now tech company Microsoft will begin sending out notifications and messages to users that imminent support for the operating system will completely end on January 10, 2023. Only a small minority of Windows users still make use of windows 8.1. And according to statistics, only a mere 3.06% dwarfed by the whopping 71.82% making use of the windows 10 operating system.

What Does This Mean For Users

This is simple. This means that computers and systems that are still running Windows 8.1 will still function, but the thing is that Microsoft will not provide technical support anymore on any type of issue and this includes security updates and patches for some tools such as office software.

And while you can continue using your computer running windows 8.1, you should know that without continued updates for security and software, your PC will risk getting affected by viruses and malware as per Microsoft. The tech company also cited that it will no longer offer extended security updates for windows 8.1 just like it did for prior iterations like windows 7.

What You Should Do

If you are one of the small denominations of people still making use of the operating system, the company recommends that you go and download either windows 11 or 10. However, it will not be providing any free upgrade pathways. And you should also know that widows 10 still has a lot to offer and life in it and Microsoft is not yet ready or set to retire the operating system until the 14th of October 2025.

Windows 8.1 was developed back then under the codename ‘blue’ and even received better reviews than its predecessor at the time windows 8  when it was released in August 2013 as it introduced many big changes instantaneously.

For those people that will be affected by the end of life of this operating system, many of the windows 8.1 devices unfortunately will not be able to offer much when it starts running windows 11. Research from IT assessment management company Lansweeer found out that 55% of most devices are not compatible with windows 11. And also a major sticking point here is TPM with close to half of workstation TPMs falling short to meet up with requirements.


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