New Apple TV 4K Siri Remote Hint Seen on iOS 16

A New Apple TV 4K Siri remote hint is seen on iOS 16. Enthusiasts are really excited about this and hope that it controls a new Apple TV 4K.

New Apple TV 4K Siri Remote Hint Seen on iOS 16

New Apple TV 4K Siri Remote Hint Seen on iOS 16

Many fans of Apple’s TV 4K streaming box were left disappointed due to the failure of tvOS 16 to launch at the just concluded apple WWDC 2022. And while we have spotted potentially new features from the tvOS 16 beta version that is currently available to developers, the evidence of a new Siri remote that has turned out of the blue is what is really making headways.

The latest news is cited by MacRumors which stated contributor AaronP613 at an online software and device database AppledB as having come up with references related to ‘SiriRemote4’ in the iOS 16 beta. And according to the article on MacRumors, other references to a Siri remote in the iOS 16 beta top out at SiriRemote3 which is the version included with the present apple TV 4K box that was released back in 2021. So, the SiriRemote4 could however indicate a new remote to be added with a new streaming box.

Other information as per MacRumors

The tech news website, MacRumors further went on to cite how a new, low-cost Apple TV 4K that is designed to be in competition with less expensive streamers such as Roku and amazon fire TV is an issue Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst predicted already and it also could be arriving soon even as the second half of 2022.

What This Means for Owners of Present Streaming Boxes

And beyond the possibility of a new Apple TV 4K hardware, the tvOS b16 beta shows that owners of the present boxes can look forward to HDR10+ high dynamic range and also updated smart home support including matter. Several hooks in addition will enable developers to help better integrate apple devices with tvOS apps. Also, there should be extended support for game controllers that work with Bluetooth.

This is just a fair amount of the things to look forward to. But the big story that everyone is looking out for here is the possibility of a new box. And given the lack of official tvOS developments that are coming out of WWDC 2022, the chances of a new and more affordable apple TV 4K streamer set to arrive in the falls looks like the best possible outcome.


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