Apple Music Student Members Unhappy With Jump in Price

Apple Music student members across the US, Canada, and the UK are unhappy with the jump in price as the plan now sees a $1 bump.

Apple Music Student Members Unhappy With Jump in Price

Apple Music Student Members Unhappy With Jump in Price

Tech Company Apple is quietly and secretly raising the price of its Apple Music Student plan once again. But however, this time, the company will be increasing the price in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The changes were first spotted on Twitter by users of the platform who noticed the price hike in the American plan, which is now $5.99 a month. And combing through the Canadian and UK stores, you’ll see the same hike in price, which are now $5.99 and £5.99, respectively.

Why the Hike in Price

The hike in price seems to have been made within the past couple of days. And if you make use of the Wayback Machine to take a look at archived pages of the apple music store starting from June 21, you will see the previous price of $4.99 USD and the same thing goes for both the UK and Canadian pages.

According to reports from MacRumors, other regions and countries of the world such as Australia, Israel, the Philippines, India, and Saudi Arabia amongst many others have experienced a similar hike in prices. This, therefore, means that the move recently is not out of the ordinary. One thing to note however is that in the countries mentioned, apple took its time to give users warning and time and even sent out emails that many people shared on Twitter at the time.

And as for the other plans of the service, everything appears to be just the same. The Apple Music Individual plan is still going for $9.99 a month in the US, for instance. The same also can be said for both the Family and Voice plans, so it’s therefore unclear why only the Student plan at the moment got the hike in price.

What Apple Has To Say

At the moment Apple has yet to make any official statement or even send out an email to users explaining its decision. We already asked the company, apple, if it could explain the changes and, maybe, reveal if any more countries or regions will be getting the same hike in price. But unfortunately, representatives of apple have not gotten back to us.


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