Global Youth Leadership Summit – Global Youth Leadership Summit Application

Global Youth Leadership Summit is more than a summit. It is a platform that gives young leaders the forum to share and learn about the best practices through mutual learning on ideas and initiatives of advocacy tools to achieve sustainable development goals.

Global Youth Leadership Summit

Hence, getting it from the young perspective and encouraging youth to lobby them in their own respective governmental areas.

Global Youth Leadership Summit

The global youth leadership summit program was set up by the “Tony Robbins Foundation” in the year 2000 and it has since then, continued to help sharpen today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Tony Robbins Global youth leadership summit is a four-day program that provides participants, ages ranging from 14 to 16 with an environment designed to boost leadership skills in their lives and communities.

What is the Youth Global Summit?

The global young summit is a unique virtual event designed for young people and for young people. Over three days young people leaders’ policymakers, brands, and changemakers will come together in one space to discuss the challenges facing young people across the world.

When is Youth Global Summit?

Youth global summit is here gain and all young stars should get prepared for that day as it is set to start on “June 23th to 26th 2022”. The summit will be conducted at United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok and the set time is 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

This is a perfect choice of study for individuals seeking to make a global impact as conscious leaders within the community.  With this summit, you are sure of getting the best knowledge to make a better tomorrow.

Global Youth Leadership Summit Application

Are you anticipating attending this summit, then, what you should be considering at this moment is how to apply to become a participant at the summit? However, if you don’t know how to apply, we will be showing you how it is done.

How to Apply for Global Youth Leadership Summit

Applying to become a participant, gives you the privilege to participate not just in the summit but also in the price gifting. Hence, if you want to apply you have to follow the steps below

When that is done, you should also fill out the form given at the bottom right corner with your “name”, “email”, subject and your message if you have any questions to ask about the summit. However, if there is none, you can leave that particular form.

Global Youth Leadership Summit Application Deadline

Applications are now open for the “Global youth leadership summit 2022” which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 23 to 26 June 2022 on the occasion of that summit Global Youth Parliament will go to reward from Global Youth Leadership Award 2022. However, it is advisable that all anticipating applicate should apply on or before “25th May 2022” as the deadline for application is set for that day.

Global Youth Leadership Summit Objective

The summit has been in existence; however, it ensures all applicate that this year’s summit will be the best among those as its objective are

  • To create a common platform to empower the youth network within the world.
  • To motivate young people to be good leaders in their respective countries.
  • Inspire individuals from around the world and recognize their contribution that has added value to their creative endeavours in serving humanity.
  • Help them see a perfect vision of themselves.

These and many more are goals and objectives that this wonderful summit holds.

Who are Eligible to participate in the Global Youth Leadership Summit?

Just as the platform is open to all, it also has its limit and restrictions. Hence, you should go through the list below to ensure you are qualified for the summit

  • The nominee must be a confirmed delegate of “Global Youth Leadership Summit 2022”.
  • Global Youth Parliament wants to highly encourage those who have an idea for new projects and initiatives in addition to those who are already leading them.
  • The nominee must have a strong commitment and determination to work with Global Youth Parliament in the future.
  • The most important criteria are interesting in the facilitation of debate and development of resolutions on the best way forward to achieve SDGs and a commitment to act.

However, there is no age barrier to receiving an award. Hence anyone can be eligible to receive the award. Furthermore, all applicate are responsible for their own VISA.



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