Education & Further Studies Fair – Education & Further Studies Fair Application

Education & Further Studies Fair is an event promoting the education sector. The event would be of interest to the SPM, STPM and UEC school leavers, parents, teachers and University students to seek higher education opportunities. This event shows the area like best students from all regions who are looking forward to meeting representatives from American colleges and universities with representatives from American collage and universities.

Education & Further Studies Fair

This event will provide all the answers to your queries on the best colleges and universities, courses, scholarships and career possibilities.

Education & Further Studies Fair

Education & further studies fair is an event promotion that is aimed at evaluating the educational sector. The event would be of good interest to the UEC and other educational areas and persons connected to the growth and academic success of their children.

What does Fair Study Mean?

Education fairs provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet university representatives. A fair is an event where many applicants gather and the primary topic of the discussions is education either undergrad or master’s. Attending fairs gives you an advantage and edge.

When is Education & Further Studies Fair?

Have you been waiting for a very long time for this amazing program and you can help but ask when the event would start? then you should worry no more. The long waiting education and further studies fair is set to commence on the 25th of June 2022 and would round up all its activities by June 26th 2022. The education fair is an effective platform for students to their study options in Malaysia as well as overseas before making an informed decision on what course to pursue to realis their fulfilling career.

Education & Further Studies Fair Application

Having gotten all information above this upcoming event, you should try and apply and become a participant, hence, becoming a participant in all that will be done on the platform. Well, will you want to know how to apply? Then check out our next heading.

How to Apply for Education & Further Studies Fair

Have you been bothered about the application process? Well, you should not be, as we are just here to guide you through the process. Check out the steps below

  • Turn on your device and connect it to a strong internet connection.
  • Navigate the website on your web browser or you can click on
  • Click on the “apply now” button at the top of the right side of the website.
  • Fill out the form with your “Agent ID”, “email ID”, and basic details such as “nationality”, and “NRIC”. Etc.
  • Scroll done the website.
  • Click on the “next”.

Follow all other instructions on the website to complete the process on the site.

How to Update Education & Further Studies Fair Application

Have you participated in education and further studies fairs before? Then, you don’t need to apply for a second time. Hence, all you need to do is to update your application status. However, to update your application you will have to follow the steps below

  • Navigate the website on your web browser or you can click on
  • Click on the “update now”.
  • Enter your “username” and “password” on the form given.
  • Tap on the “remember me button.
  • Click on the “sign-in”.

Use the instruction on the website to complete the process.

What is an Education Portal?

They are websites that support different education sectors by providing access to relevant information and tools to each group served. Instructors can find valuable educational resources to develop their teaching and by using these portals, they enhance student-centred learning. For the benefit of those who don’t know the types of education, the world operates on, here is a list of them, the first is formal education, informal education and non-formal education.


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