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MCDvoice as it Is popularly called is the official customer satisfaction survey taken at This survey is taken to get the customer’s honest reviews about the products and services of Mcdonald’s. This survey is used to improve the quality of the service at Mcdonald’s. This article will go a long way to give you details about this survey and so many other details about Mc Donalds.



This is not just a survey, it is an opportunity for the customers of McDonald’s to win free coupons and get rewarded on their next visit to the stores for giving their honest reviews on the products and services McDonald’s.

The aim of this survey is to ensure customer satisfaction and for the brand to keep up with the requirements of the customers.

Mcdonalds customer satisfaction survey and feedback portal is not just a website but a strategy to know the hearts of the customers of McDonalds.

This is the website that provides customers the opportunity to participate in the customer satisfaction feedback survey and win amazing rewards that can be redeemed on their next visit to McDonald’s

All the steps to partake In the rewards by participating in this survey are given below in this article.

Mcdonald’s Survey at

There are a lot of things that can be improved in the products and the services of the great brand even if the brand stands as one of the best in what they do.

This customer satisfaction survey was created to help them know what the customers have in their hearts concerning things like the food menu, the customer service, the attendants, and so on. McDonald’s on the other hand rewards their esteemed customers with coupon codes that can be redeemed at their next purchase on their next visit.

McDvoice Survey Rules

They are some rules that you must obey when trying to participate in this survey and some requirements that have to be met. Following the rules mean that your survey will be successful and you will most likely win the prize.

  • The customer should be able to present a purchase receipt from their most recent visit to McDonald’s
  • The survey must be conducted within 30 days after your visit to McDonald’s
  • If you cannot present the receipt, the order number can be used in its place.

These are the rules that must be obeyed before you can participate in this survey.

MCDVoice Survey Requirements

Here are the requirements a customer must have before they can participate in this survey;

  • The client must be 15 years or older
  • You must have a good internet-enabled device like your phone or your computer.
  • You must be able to recall your last McDonald’s visit experience.

All these requirements must be available if you want to successfully participate in the MCDvoice customer satisfaction survey.

How to Participate in the MCDVocice Survey

If you have all the requirements and you have obeyed all the rules, you can take part in this survey from any place and at any time of your choice within the survey eligible time;

  • The first step here is to visit the official website for the MCVOICE survey, to start the McDVOICE survey.
  • You will now be directed to the home page of the MCDVOICE website home page. When you get to the home page, you will be asked to enter the 26 digits survey code which is very compulsory to start this survey. This code can be found on the printed purchase receipt.
  • After entering the code, you will be asked to input the date and the time of your visit.
  • When you have done that, the survey will be unlocked for you. Now you can answer all the questions and share your experience at Mcdonald’s.
  • Now, read each question carefully, understand them and give your honest answers. Do not be biased in any way.
  • Once you are done with the survey, click on the nest button.
  • You can then share your contacts details for the company to keep in touch with you for more surveys
  • When you are done with the survey, you will be given your coupon code to enjoy free and discount meals at Mcdonald’s.

You can decide to accept visits for more surveys in the future. Write down the validation code given on your screen somewhere you can always get it back like your virtual notepad.

The code can then be used by you on your next visit to McDonald’s. you can use this code to claim free prizes from McDonald’s like free burgers from the store. Note that, you will not be able to claim any prizes without your redemption code.

To get more information and answers to your questions about the MCDVOICE, visit the frequently asked questions below;

Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the article will give you more information about MCDvoice and the answers to some frequently asked questions by some of the customers or McDonald’s

Do McDonald’s Do Surveys

Of course, they do. They may take up to 5 surveys every month per store. This survey will help them to know what the customers think about their products and services. The surveys are mostly done online. Clients are granted access to the survey with the receipt of their purchase and they are given some prizes to compensate them for the surveys.

What is McDonald’s Survey Offers?

The offers for the McDonald’s surveys are very many. It can be free coupons and discounts on food items in the next purchase. Sometimes, the brand also gives food items to their customers who take part in the survey. These free food items may be Hamburgers, muffins, or a special bonus offer for the customers.

How do I Take the MCDVoice survey?

The process of taking this survey is very easy. To take part in this survey, clients will have to visit the official Mcdvoice survey website.

  • Firstly, you will be asked to select your language.
  • After that, enter the mcdvoice validation code that is on your receipt.
  • If you are not able to get your receipt, put the McDonald’s store number and other information like KS number, visiting date, the total amount that you spent during the visit time, and date of the visit.
  • Immediately after you have done all these, click next to be led to the survey questions.

When answering the questions, make sure you give very honest answers regarding your visit to the McDonald’s store.

How do I Get My Free Coupon from McDonald’s Survey?

The first step to getting the coupon is to participate in their customer satisfaction survey online. The survey form includes some basic questions about your visit to McDonald’s. after this survey, you will get a free coupon. The coupon is given because you have just assisted them to improve their services with your honest feedback.

Does McDonald’s Serve All Day Breakfast?

The answer is no. because of the dawn of other features in their menu. McDonald’s had since removed their all-day breakfast menu in 2020. The all-day breakfast menu was available before 2020.

What is McDonald’d food for thoughts Survey

The McDonald’s food for thought survey is another survey that the customers of McDonalds can participate in and win bi at Mac and Fries at just 1.99 Euros. You can get access to this survey with a product code that is present on your receipt anytime your purchase a product at Mcdonald’s. once you have the 12 digits code, the survey can be started.

What is the MCDVoice Survey?

The MCDVoice survey is a survey that is conducted by McDonald’s to get ideas of what the customers feel about their products and service. This survey will grant you an opportunity to win a lot of prizes from Mc Donald’s. this is not a one-time survey as you can be invited to partake in the survey again after the first time. with this survey, you can win a lot of amazing prizes including coupons containing free foods and discounts.

How many Digits is the McDonald’s Validation Code?

The McDonald’s customer satisfaction feedback survey validation code is 26 digits long. This code will grant you access to the online customer satisfaction survey, this code was created to help them know which people really visited the McDonald’s store.

How do you Get Free Fries from McDonald’s?

To get free fries from McDonald’s, you can place an order with the Mobile Order and pay from McDonald’s McD app. This can be very helpful after you have downloaded and registered on the application. You can get this offer on a minimum of $1 purchase to redeem this free medium fries deal.

How Can I Get McDonald’s Coupons?

You can visit your nearest McDonald’s chain store and ask them about the coupon code, or you can participate in the customer satisfaction feedback survey. This coupon can grant you access to a lot of redeemable discounts and prizes at McDonald’s.

How do I redeem a McDonald’s survey code on the app?

When you have successfully logged into the mobile application, select “Use at Restaurant” as to how you want to redeem your coupon, and you will be given the option of a drive-thru code or a restaurant code. Select which in-person redemption code you need and follow the instructions that are provided in the application.

What is McDonald’ Voice Within 7 days Survey?

This is a survey that is taken by the customer of Mcdonald’s. With this survey, you can win a prize called BOGO – buy one and get one free. This survey is only for the residents of the United States. McDonalds conducts this survey to know the honest opinions of their customers.


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