The Asus ROG Ally Price Reportedly Leaked

The Asus ROG Ally price reportedly leaked. And according to the new leaks, the device will be kicking things off at $600 with AMD Z1 and 256GB SSD. And if this is true, it means that it is just $70 higher than the very same-storage-size steam deck.

The Asus ROG Ally Price

The Asus ROG Ally Price

Just a couple of days, two to be precise, after a major leak put the price of the competitor of the Asus Steam Deck at $699.99 with a Z1 Extreme chip and 512GB of storage, another extremely similar leak has stated that the entry-level model with a vanilla Z1 process and a 256GB SSD will reportedly cost $599.99.

SnoopyTech as before was the first platform to spot e leak in question and Roland Quandt on the other hand has corroborated with experts and also confirmed it.

What It Means If the Reports Are True

If anything about this is true, then it means that both configurations are within spitting distance of the comparative pricing of Valve, where a 256GB Steam Deck costs $530 and a 512GB Steam Deck, on the other hand, costs $650, respectively. But Valve also sells a $399 Steam Deck however that comes with 64GB of eMMC of storage, which enthusiasts at many times open to replacing that SSD.

The Original ROG Ally Leak Came from Best Buy

The original ROG Ally leak that was reported came from Best Buy, and it now appears that Best Buy is the source of this one as well. This will very likely be the least expensive configuration of the ROG Ally, though it’s still possible that Asus could follow the lead of Valve and then put out an eMMC model.



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