Brave Is Reportedly Parting Ways with Bing

Brave is reportedly parting ways with Bing in regard to web search queries. The browser Brave is now disconnecting its web search service from utilizing Bing, as parent company Microsoft increases its pricing for its API amid its AI chatbot boom.

Brave Parting Ways with Bing

Brave Parting Ways with Bing

Brave Browser, the firm that develops its very own privacy-focused search engine and web browser has now announced that it will no longer be making use of Microsoft’s Bing search engine for its web searches.

“Every Web search result seen in Brave Search is now served by our own index,” a Thursday post on Brave’s company blog reportedly read. “We’ve removed all search API calls to Bing.” The said news is coming after Microsoft after a couple of months introduces some really hefty price hikes for third parties utilizing its search API. The blog post of Brave refers to the increase in price as “unprecedented.”

What Brave Has To Say about the New Development

The browser claims that its Brave Search engine was just leveraging on Bing for about 7% of its query results. The browser also noted that, at the inception of Brave Search back in 2021, it only used third parties for about 13 percent of all its queries.

And now, with Bing out, Brave Search will rely on its very own index in totality, well, at least by default. Users who however feel they are not getting adequate results from Brave can still opt to mix in Google search results into their queries as a kind of a fallback. Users can also opt into the Web Discovery Project of Brave to help the platform build its own index and the tools of Google tool to help mold rankings.

Brave and Its Search Engine Ambitions

Brave is however claiming that Brave Search is the “fastest growing search engine since Bing” and has shared that its average daily queries have reached 22 million. The ambitions of Brave are leading it to build its new Summarizer AI search and then develop its own Brave Search API, too. But Brave as you should know still has a long way to go to size up with Bing, which is achieving rapid growth milestones at a completely unprecedented level.



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