Brave Browser Wants to Help Users Access Tor Easier

Brave Browser Wants to Help Users Access Tor Easier with some amazing updates. People making use of the brave browser can now do their part in the battle against online censorship alongside its latest update.

Brave Browser Wants to Help Users Access Tor Easier

The Brave 1.47 version would allow users around the world to turn their devices right into a proxy service that grants people worldwide access to the Tor browser.

This move is not the first that brave is making towards eluding internet restrictions, seeing as they have previously introduced support for Tor Bridges in Private windows with Tor in its 1.44 version. But the company’s new feature turns out to be a step forward to empower the Brave community in promoting an open and free internet for all, just from right behind their screens.

Brave and Tor Snowflake

Brave’s Latest Upgrade adds the Tor Snowflake feature directly to its browser system. This is a peer-to-peer technology that is developed by the Tor Project to allow people around the world to access censored sites and applications.

Like a lot of VPN services available out there, Snowflake helps those that are living under strict internet restrictions to bypass online censorship. However, as explained by Tor in a blog post: “Unlike VPNs, you would need to install a separate application to connect to a Snowflake proxy and bypass censorship. Usually, it is a circumvention feature that is embedded with existing apps.”

Powered by a mixture of Proxy technology and webRTV protocol, Snowflakes happen to mask the user’s internet activities making them appear like they are making use of the web for a regular video or voice call. Then it automatically assigns ephemeral Tor Bridges to grant access to sites that have been blocked to whoever requires it.

At the same time, it secures privacy and anonymity so that authorities would not be able to know if and when someone manages to elude their online restrictions.

Tor Bridges on Brave

Tor Bridges, which are already available on the Brave browser since last September, are volunteer-run relay September, are volunteer-run relay software aiming to aid people with accessing Tor in case of blockage.

Essentially, they would offer users an alternative point of access to the onion routing. In other to enable the Brave browser, you should head over to the settings menu and then tap on the privacy and security tab. Click on the Tor windows to select or manually add an active built-in bridge.

Tor Snowflake

Snowflake represents the natural evolution of this. As a matter of fact, anyone that would help others access Tor can now enable the browser extension on a selected Tor Bridge by simply switching on the option.

This means that the users’ devices are just acting as the middleman between an external computer and the Tor site. Also, they allow the flow of encrypted messages between snowflake-running and the other computers inside the Tor network.

While everyone can do their part to help people worldwide access Tor at ease, it is worth taking note that the snowflake features do not work well with users that are living in countries where Tor is censored and/or accessing the internet via their school or workplace firewall.


Is Tor Safe in Brave Browser? is now in possession of its very own Tor Onion service, offering more users secure access to Brave.

Can I Use Brave Browser to Access Dark Web?

Brave being in possession of its own Tor address means that all of Brave’s websites are accessible straight from the dark web.

Is Brave the Best Browser?

Is Brave a great Browser in 2022? Yes, Brave is a fast, feature-rich, and secure browser for personal and professional use. It is great for good internet users that want a more private browser than Brave’s big-name competitors, but it also turns out to be great for all those that need a cryptocurrency wallet built directly into the browser.

Why is Brave Tor Very Slow?

Why is the Tor Browser very slow? The Tor browser is slow mainly because it routes data via three relays for your privacy. Regular connections, on the other hand, just get you connected to the website/service, making it a lot faster.

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