How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

Here I would be giving you the steps on How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Controllers. Most Nintendo Switch users update their consoles whenever the prompt for a new update appears, but what about the controllers? Switch controllers come in varieties of two – Joy-Con and Pro controller – and both need to get updated periodically.

How to Update Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you fail to keep your controller updated, it might result in issues during gameplay, poor connectivity, or entirely new bugs introduced by an older software patch. Users do not get notified to update their controllers, so you should try to check it every once in a while.

Nintendo Switch Controllers Update

Nintendo has also decided to make their controller update process as easy as installing software updates on the console itself, though it might be a tad buggy sometimes. To make the process a lot easier, both the joy-cons and the pro controller are updated using the same methods even though they carry different designs.

According to Nintendo, your Switch must be running the system Menu 4.0 or newer in other for the controller update option to be available.

How to update the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Pro controllers

Just before updating the Nintendo Switch controller, you are expected to make sure they get paired wirelessly using the console. Joy-Cons can be attached physically instead, but either method works similarly.

Let’s say you are in possession of those prerequisites, you should be able to update the controllers using a couple of taps or click, as stated in the Nintendo Support Document.

  • Push on the home button found on the switch
  • Then tap or click on the system settings button
  • Tap or click on the controllers and Sensors, then update the controllers
  • Wait for the update to be completed

According to Nintendo, these steps work with all switch models that are available, which include the Switch OLED and Switch Lite. If you experience some issues during the process of updating it, Nintendo says you should try it again.

What to do if The Switch Controller Update Fails

If after following the steps to update your controller, and yet the update fails to pull through, and assuming you have already tried to restart the update, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can try out, according to Nintendo. The first option here is to restart your switch.

You can choose to do this by pressing and holding down the power button till the various options appear, then tap on the restart option. If the update still fails to work, after the console itself has been restarted, Nintendo stated that you should try restarting the controllers also.

The company has also baked a physical screenshot button into the console, the controller sport a physical button called sync that makes the restarting process kind of easy, then press one of the other buttons on your controller to have it restarted. Repeat this using the second Joy-Con if applicable, then attempt the update once again. If this does not get your problems solved, there might be a problem with the hardware, in which case, you would need to get the device fixed.


Do you Need to Update Nintendo Switch Controllers?

If you start experiencing issues with your Joy-Con controllers, just like delayed button inputs or frequent disconnects, it might be that they require an update. And because of this, it is a great idea for you to periodically check to ensure that they are always updated.

How Do I Update my 3rd Party Joy-Cons?

Enter the options for controllers and sensors and you would find each individual option for your joy-Cons. Scroll down till you find updated controllers. Select Update controllers and your Nintendo Switch would start updating each joy-con attached to the console by itself.

Why Won’t my Switch Controllers Update?

Reset the controller by pressing the SYNC Button once the joy-con or on the Pro Controller. Then press any button, such as the A button on the controller to have it powered once again. If the updates stop before they can be completed, attempt to update the controller once ag

Does Updating Joycons Fix Drift?

Although a lot of Joy-Con drift issues are hardware related, there is a chance that your problem is software-based, meaning that you can usually fix it using an update.

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