Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in US 2023

Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in US 2023 – Is it possible to sell used electronics in the US? Yes, it is very possible to sell your old or used electronics in some online stores. This is basically for citizens of the United States.

Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in US 2023
Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in US 2023

And if you use any of the below listed online services, then you don’t have to worry or deal with the process of negotiating, searching, or meeting a potential buyer. Read more on this article to get more information based on the topic as displayed.

Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in US 2023

There are many other store services that will accept your old fitness trackers, smartwatches, other gadgets, and electronics off your hands. And in exchange, they’ll send you the cash price worth of your used gadget, which is sent often in the form of a PayPal transfer or gift card.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping or the fees some services charge when you sell electronics. The prices offered with trade-in programs on an old device are usually a little lower than the initial price at which you get the item. However, the reduced price is worth foregoing the problems of trying to sell the electronic on your own.

Amazon Trade-In One Of The Best places to sell your used electronics in the US 2023

Payment via: Amazon gift card

Turnaround Period: Two business days after Amazon receives the item

Amazon’s trade-in program operates like its retail store. All required is to perform an easy search for the electronic item, or fill in any necessary information (like; storage, screen size, and so on) and then select the device’s condition. Amazon will automatically match you with an offer for your electronic gadget and, if you accept it, you then provide a shipping label for the item.

The number of electronic items which Amazon accepts is ranged across a wide list, which includes video doorbells, wireless routers, and other home security devices.

Once the electronic is shipped, Amazon will inspect it to ensure the item matches the description you have entered. And then, after it is all checked out, your Amazon account is credited with an Amazon eGift card for the offered amount as concluded. If the item is in better condition and shape than you have described, then Amazon’s customer service might pay you more.

But if you’d prefer to sell your device in person, then, Amazon also has a list of locations, where you can take Amazon devices and select cell phones. According to Amazon, even non-working electronic devices that can be repaired can be accepted. But your money is locked into your Amazon account.

Apple Trade-In

Payment method: Apple Store gift card

Turnaround Period: Instant if done in an Apple Store. Two to three weeks if done online.

Apple’s trade-in program accepts electronic devices from a wide range of companies, not just its own. Currently, Apple accepts smartphones, tablets, computers, watches, and “other” devices from salespersons and companies. If the company you access doesn’t have a trade-in offer for your devices, such as iPods or AirPods, Apple will recycle them free of charge for you.

According to Apple, it will take two to three weeks to finally complete the online trade-in process. Then, if you want to place your new order for a device right now, the company will credit your payment process with the trade-in value once processed. Automatically, if there are any Apple Stores in your area, then you can visit the store and get instant credit for your trade-in device. This service is especially helpful with the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Using Apple’s trade-in service is important if you’re already planning on buying a new Apple product.

Best Buy Trade-In Program

Payment method: Best Buy gift card

Turnaround Period: Instant if done in-store. Seven to nine business days of mailing in an item.

Selling your device on Best Buy’s online service is as simple as selecting the product category, manufacturer, model, and condition. Once you’ve filled out the required questionnaire, then the tool will automatically make an estimate of the user device and give you an instant quote. The offered amount, if you choose to accept it, will only be sent to you as a Best Buy gift card.

Though Best Buy’s payment period is slower than the above-listed services, the company accepts a wider variety of electronics. Matching nearly every type of electronic device it sells to categories, which include various smartphone options, wearables, digital camera options, and game consoles.


  • Payment Method: You can pay via direct deposit, PayPal, or charity donation
  • Turnaround Time: depending on shipping, it can take up three to five days

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never used Decluttr before, is one of the best places to sell your used electronics in the US in 2023. Quickest bidding services for selling a wide range of technology. Fill out the form with your details, and you’ll receive an offer for your device in seconds.

If you like the bid, you’ll be given the option to complete the sale and begin the shipping process. Because payments are made quickly, this company has one of the highest Trustpilot ratings available.

ITSWORTHMORE One Of The Best places to sell your used electronics in the US 2023

  • Payment method: PayPal, Zelle, or check
  • Turnaround time: Typically, 72 hours after receiving your item(s), but you can pay for a 24-hour turnaround.

The ItsWorthMore program will pay you via your choice of PayPal, Zelle, or a traditional paper check, in contrast to the prior online services for selling devices.

Answering a few questions regarding the old smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch (or other Apple gadget), or computer you’re selling is part of the procedure for selling electronic items. If you accept the offer, ItsWorthMore will make you an offer and send you a prepaid mailing label.

You can choose how you want to receive your payment during the checkout process. Additionally, you have the choice of paying $15 for two-day shipping and a 24-hour turnaround time. Otherwise, regular delivery with a 72-hour turnaround goal. Processing, however, could take up to five business days.


  • Payment method: PayPal, direct deposit, BuyBackWorld gift card, prepaid debit card, or check
  • Turnaround time: 48 hours after passing inspection

A variety of products, including phones, tablets, iPods, cameras, game consoles, computers, headphones, drones, and, well, you get the idea, are all eligible for purchase through BuyBackWorld. Even for items that aren’t featured on the website, you can get a personalized estimate.

Send your item(s) to BuyBackWorld after receiving an estimate and deciding how you wish to get paid. They will inspect your things after they get your cargo, and you will be paid. You will be given the choice to accept the revised offer or have your equipment returned if the quote is altered following examination.


How Do I Sell My Used Electronics?

You may cash in on the value of your used electronics with the aid of Cashify. Within 60 seconds, you can sell your used things. Get an online immediate quote for the item by simply choosing the model, condition (scratches, operating status, etc.), and price.

What is the best place to sell new electronics?

The best place to sell new electronics includes eBay, Amazon, Gazelle, You Renew, Walmart marketplace, etc.

How Can I Sell Electronics To Make Money?

Numerous used items, such as cell phones, can be sold for extra money.

  • Blu-ray and DVDs.
  • e-readers and Kindles.
  • gaming consoles.
  • Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are examples of video game consoles.

Can you sell your electronics to Walmart?

Yes. Customers can use an online calculator to figure out how much their electronic equipment is worth as a trade-in. After the verified trade-in value has indeed been established, the customer will be given a Walmart cash card for that sum. The electronic equipment will be destroyed if there is no trade-in value.

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