Instagram Is Reportedly Testing Songs in Photo Carousels

Instagram is reportedly testing songs in photo carousels. And if this gets to materialize on the platform, it means that you will be able to listen to songs as you get swiping through photos on the platform.

Instagram Testing Songs in Photo Carousels

Instagram Testing Songs in Photo Carousels

Social media platform Instagram is at the moment testing a new feature that will allow users to add songs to the photo carousels that they post to the platform. CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg just announced the news on his Instagram broadcast channel, thus noting that it is already available in a “few countries with more to come.”

And while Instagram already has a very similar feature that allows you to add songs to individual photos on the platform, it sure feels like it makes more sense to add to a carousel of photos. And instead of just listening to a music clip while looking at one photo, you now have plenty of time to listen to the song as you get to swipe across multiple photos in a carousel.

Other Features in Testing At Instagram

And away from all that, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also made mentioned that Instagram is now testing a medium to include music to Notes which is the AIM-like feature that allows users to share a status with friends.

In the short video that was posted to Mark’s channel, you can get to see just how the platform will allow users to select and then attach a portion of a song to their Note very much like you would add music to an individual post or Reel. And if this gets to happen on the platform, your friends will be able to see the name of the song as well as the artists well above your status.

Availability of the New Instagram Features

In regards to the countries with access to these features in question, we know nothing, and Meta on the other hand has refused to provide specific locations for this.



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