ASUS ROG Phone 5 – ASUS ROG Phone 5 to Have More Than 16GB RAM

With Smartphones, RAM happens one very important aspect every one focuses on. Currently, Smartphones are now being equipped with 12GB of RAM in the past year or so with very few exceptions. With that stated, it seems to be that high-end smartphone are ready to push the envelope again with the ASUS ROG phone 5 that is suspected to go beyond the 16GB that you would find on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G this year.

ASUS ROG Phone 5


Just for a faster refresh, RAM is that volatile (meaning that it loses a lot of data when the power runs out) memory space that’s used not for holding data that you would want to keep but for programs that you can have running at the same time before you can start killing unused programs to create room for more. This is one of the reasons why smartphones with lesser ram have issues with multi-tasking, forcing apps to be restarted when you switch back to them due to the fact that they were killed in the background.

This fact is true for normal apps, and it is even more true for games that come in large pieces of code and data that are required to be kept in memory to run a lot faster and smoother. It’s really no surprise, then, that the first smartphones that boasted 16GB of RAM were gaming phones like the Lenovo legion Duel (or Pro) and the ASUS ROG Phone 3. As stated by Geek bench sighting, the Asus ROG Phone 5 would take you to the next level even.


The Benchmark notes a RAM size of about 16.97GB, given the way the numbers work, suggest that the phone can actually have up to about 18GB of RAM. This is a really large amount of RAM for a Smartphone, even for today’s demanding mobile games. Might sound almost too much. Then again, ASUS offers various configurations for its ROG phones so this can simply be at the top-end variant.

The entry is not in possession of any other details, but we can already piece some of those together. The Phone would undoubtedly take advantage of all the power that the Snapdragon 888 would offer, for example, and DxOMark’s recent audio benchmark that was revealed not just the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack but also what would look like a display on its back purely for the purpose of branding. The ASUS ROG Phone 5 has been slated to debut on March 10 so Android gamers would not have for long to wait for the confirmation.

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