Android TV Remote App to include Google TV App – Google TV App

Google is not consistent with Messaging its digital media ecosystems. Recently, the Google TV app decided to include an Android TV Remote App. At one point, Google TV was once Google play Newsstand that happens to once be known by the name Google Play Magazines and Google Currents combined.

Android TV Remote App to include Google TV App

Google Play Music was supplanted by YouTube Music and now Google Play Movies and TV app has been renamed Google TV, which is different from the Google TV “skin” that is based on Android TV. Google usually tries to consolidate things, like retiring an obsolete Android TV remote control app and taking it into the new Google TV App.

Google TV App

It is probably won’t be long before Google would consolidate their Video-on-demand platform and branding it into a single “Google TV”. Whether that would replace the Android TV, just as Wear OS replaced Android wear, would still be a question that is open, but at least for now, Google TV looks to have placed their attention on their user interface, viewing experience, and of course, their digital content store.

The old Google Play movies and TV Android app that the Google TV replaced has mostly placed their focus mainly on those as well but it seems it’s being primed to do more soon. 9to5Google discovered traces of their functionality that refers to a directional pad as well as enter and the back button. There’s also happens to mention the pairing of a phone to an Android TV.

Android TV Remote App to include Google TV App

The operations stated above have been discovered to be found on the standalone Android TV Remote Control. Although the app still exists on the Google Playstore, it happens to have seen an update since 2017. Considering the fact that Google might be taking its Android TV and videos in one basket, it makes sense to retire such a standalone app and just incorporate its amazing features into one Google App.

Currently, these new features are not working at all, but it does hint at the direction might be heading for Google TV. While it might be great to be in possession of a single Google TV banner, there is also the overlap with YouTube and YouTube TV that could make some wary of a different Google play Music scenario in the future to come.

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