The Ashden Awards 2024 For Developing Countries (£25,000 Prize) – APPLY NOW

Elevate Your Organization with the Ashden Advantage! The 2024 Ashden Awards, a platform for recognition and support, are now open for applications. This prestigious accolade, offering up to £25,000 Prize, is an opportunity for organizations committed to sustainability and innovation.

The Ashden Awards 2024

The Ashden Awards 2024 For Developing Countries

Ashden takes pride in amplifying its winners’ impact through promotional films showcased on platforms like Sky News, The Telegraph, Times of India, Al Jazeera, and New Scientist. The organization ensures your story reaches a global audience through mainstream and specialist media and a robust digital presence.

Ashden also provides a host of benefits to its winners. Ranging from cash grants to access to funders, the perks extend to participation in masterclasses, investor pitching events, and introductions to influential policy-makers. The Ashden network becomes a valuable ally, connecting winners with partners and fostering collaborative growth.


  • Financial Boost: Winners of the Ashden Awards can secure a financial boost, with prizes ranging from £10,000 to £25,000. The rigor of the assessment process is not just a formality but a testament recognized by investors, policymakers, academics, and experts in the sustainable energy and climate change sector globally.
  • Global Recognition and Network: The award provides an opportunity to join the alumni network that facilitates learning and cultivates opportunities for impactful partnerships. The chance to present work to large audiences and feature in media coverage is a lasting benefit that extends far beyond the awards ceremony.
  • Support for Impactful Initiatives: Supports are provided to winners to make a significant impact. This includes professional mentoring, training, financial assistance, and media and communications support. The organization seeks to integrate UK-based winners into its Sustainable Towns and Cities program, embedding their approaches into policy and practice.

Who Can Apply?

The Ashden Green Entrepreneur Awards are not limited by sector; businesses, NGOs, government organizations, social enterprises, and community groups are all eligible.

The work submitted must be available to clients, customers, or beneficiaries.

To be shortlisted and win, applicants must demonstrate:

  • An innovative approach in their work.
  • The potential for significant impact through growth or replication.
  • Good governance and management, showcasing efficient use of funds and a strong plan for generating further income.
  • Their values and practices must be embedded in sustainability

Judging Criteria:

Eligible applications are judged against a set of criteria that shows the core values of Ashden:

  • Decarburization, Material Use Reduction, and Environmental Protection
  • Resilience and Adaptation
  • Boosting Green Skills and Work
  • Reducing Inequality
  • Participation and Democratization
  • Communications Potential

Application Process:

Interested and qualified candidates can apply through the Ashden application page at

Applications in English must be completed and submitted online. The platform also supports French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic applications.

If shortlisted, organizations will undergo a thorough evaluation process in early February, requiring additional information such as answers to specific questions about their work, financial accounts, a short video summarizing their achievements, and contact details for referees.

For more details, visit Ashden’s website

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Ashden Awards 2024, is January 25, 2024.

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