Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering

In this content, I would be giving you details on Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering. If you want to know the admission requirements, eligibility, and cost for the s Petroleum Engineering, then this is the right article for you.

Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering

Study programs like petroleum engineering require the best study experience with the best materials. If you are looking at getting the best out of this field, you should consider texas Tech University.

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Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering

According to our findings from research, petroleum Engineers use supercomputers to automate oilfield production and drilling operations. They are also building new technologies to recover these hydrocarbons from oil shale and offshore oil and gas fields.

These types of careers are built in high-class institutions like Texas Tech University.

Before taking action on your goals to become a Petroleum engineer, you must go through some research studies about the course of study and the desires University. We saved you from that rigorous work by putting all this information into one article.

The information from this article is plug-and-play. They will help you get your desired goal of gaining admission to study petroleum at Texas Tech University.

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Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is the seventh largest University in Texas and it is the largest higher institution in the western two-thirds of the United States of America. This institution is ranked amongst the best institutions in the United States of America according to the 2015 Princeton Review.

In addition, it is ranked as the 168th university in the world according to the same institution.

Without Further Ado, let‘s move into more discussions concerning the topic at hand.

Petroleum Engineering

Many may misunderstand this field because they do not know much about it.

Petroleum Engineering is the branch of science and engineering that focuses on the development and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum Engineers do technical analysis, computer modeling, and the prediction of the future performance of oil and gas.

The last line of the previous paragraph should give enough argument that this field is very important for the growth of the economies of nations and should not be joked with. Petroleum Engineers bring solutions to problems that relate to energy security and national prosperity. If you want to be successful in this field, [you must have good knowledge of physics, geology, mathematics, and chemistry.

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Why the Texas Tech University

The fact that Texas Tech University is one of the best Universities for studying petroleum engineering is going to be backed up by great evidence in this part of the article.

The Department of Petroleum Engineering at this University is popularly known as the Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum University. This department offers its students the technical knowledge to work effectively in the petroleum engineering field.

At this institution, you will get the best instructions and design experiences that will enable them to enter the field and pursue life-long development.

The university also helps students to graduate, pass and be successful in the fundamentals of petroleum engineering.

Available Petroleum Engineering Programs At the Texas Tech University

There are three different programs offered at his University. These programs include the Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, and PPh.D.in Petroleum Engineering.  All these programs are aimed at giving the students of this university the best and most appropriate knowledge and skills that the oil and gas industry needs.  It also exposes them to the recent methods of oil exploration.

The petroleum Engineering part of this institution is raked in fourth place in the United States of America by the U.S News and the World Report.

Admission Requirements for Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering Program

There are some requirements that applicants will need before they can apply for petroleum Engineering at the Texas Tech university.  The Petroleum Engineering requirements for this institution will be divided into undergraduate and graduate categories.

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Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To be successful in your quest to study petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University, you must have a 3.4 GPA with 30 hours and you must have completed the following courses with at least a C

  • ENGL 1301
  • ENGL 1302
  • MATH 1451
  • MATH 1452
  • CHEM 1307 & 1107
  • MATH 2450
  • PHYS 1408
  • ME 2322
  • PHYS 2401
  • GEOL 3324
  • PETR 1305 OR ENGR 1315
  • CE 2301 OR ME 2301

These are the requirements to get into undergraduate studies in Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering Graduate Admission Requirements

If you want to do graduate studies at Petroleum University at Texas Tech University, you must possess the following;

  • A Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering with a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • n evidence of financial support
  • Your Official transcript
  • You must have evidence of proficiency in English (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, Cambridge CPE, Cambridge CAE, or Completion of ELS Level 112 )
  • You must present your official GRE scores (applicant may get a GRE waiver if he/she has two years or more experience in the Oil and Gas Industry)
  • At least three letters of recommendation

These are the major requirements needed to apply for Petroleum engineering studies at the Graduate levels at Texas Tech university.

Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering Acceptance Rate

It is not quite easy to gain admission into this institution because it is quite competitive.  This means that the applicants here should ensure that they meet all the required criteria for admission before sending their applications.

The acceptance rate of this university is 63%.

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The Cost of Studying Petroleum Engineering at The Texas Tech University

At Texas Tech University, the tuition and other fees are paid according to the minimum fulfill-timed hours per academic year. The cost of this program may vary depending on the hours taken per semester including course and program-specific fees.

Also, students are advised to confirm from the department, the number of hours each semester will take so that they can make adequate plans for payment.

We can not place a figure on the cost of studying in this institution because the figure might have changed before you read this article.

At the time of writing this article, the cost ranged from $10,000 to $18,000.

Scholarships and Financial Aids at Texas Tech University’s Department of Petroleum Engineering

Because of the height of the fees, it may be hard for students with low financial capabilities to study in this institution. Right here, we are going to divide the scholarships into the Undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Scholarships At the Texas Tech University

There are lots of Externally funded scholarships for undergraduates at Texas Tech University.  If you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student, go to the official website for the undergraduate scholarship to get more details and to apply for any of these scholarships, www.applytexas.org/.

On this website, www.depts.ttu.edu/scholarships/ you will find the merit scholarships offered by this university. Apply here if you have outstanding credentials.

Graduate Scholarships at the Texas Tech University

Just as it is for undergraduates, there are various graduate scholarships available for students of Texas Tech University.

You can also get a Teaching assistantship in the Petroleum Engineering department of Texas Tech. This position is limited in number and mostly awarded to Ph.D. students.

Students under the teaching assistantship a required to work for just 20 hours per week and do their research for at least 40 hours per week. With the help of the salary gotten from this, students will be able to pay for their living expenses and their tuition fees.

How to Appy for Petroleum Engineering at the Texas Tech University

The first step to take here is to ensure that you meet the various criteria required to get into this University to study petroleum engineering. After that, you can start the application procedure. It usually takes this form;

  • Read the instructions carefully, and verify your deadline dates
  • Attach unofficial copies of your transcript and test scores for evaluation purposes.
  • When you gain admission into the University, submit your official scripts, diplomas, degree certificates, and test scores.
  • For graduate degree programs, applicants are advised to include a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, writing samples, creative portfolios, etc.
  • Immediately you fill in your details, ensure you review your application submitting
  • Finally, keep checking your admission status at the major portal of the university. If it is your first time applying, you will receive your login information within the first 5 days of uploading your information on the website.

This is what your application process will look like. Follow the tips it contains and you will be on your way to success in your quest.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering

How Can I Ensure That My Application Is Considered?

You are not guaranteed that your application will be considered. To stand a chance for admission into the petroleum engineering program, make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements. You must have a minimum of 3.4 on your foundational studies.

When does the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech accept students?

The Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering starts accepting students every December so that they can start their coursework the next Spring.

Is the Petroleum Engineering program at Texas Tech accredited by ABET?

Yes, of course, the petroleum engineering programs at Texas Tech are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

How many students does Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering department accept?

The department of  Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University is highly competitive as it accepts only 250 students every December.

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