Remembering the Technology That Passed Away in 2023

We’ll hold onto (most of) their memories.

Remembering the Technology That Passed Away in 2023
Remembering the Technology That Passed Away in 2023

Tech Triumphs and Tributes: A Recap of 2023’s Advancements and Farewells

In 2023, we witnessed remarkable technological progress.

In the current year, ChatGPT and various generative AI models gained prominence, and Apple unveiled its highly anticipated XR headset, the Vision Pro. While we acknowledge our advancements, it’s equally crucial to take a moment to contemplate the technology that didn’t endure the year.

Our second annual compilation of deceased tech features entries with varied life spans—some lived long and healthy lives, some were cut down in their prime, and others were discontinued due to a lack of impact. Nevertheless, we pay tribute to them here. Come along as we reflect.



Losing Apollo was challenging. Its interface and design were adored, with many iOS users favoring it over the official Reddit mobile app. When Reddit revealed new API pricing that would have required Apollo to pay $20 million annually, the app didn’t go down without a fight.

In protest against the exorbitant API pricing, thousands of the most popular Reddit forums went dark, using Apollo as a symbol in the battle against corporate greed. Despite Apollo founder Christian Selig’s apparent good faith efforts to negotiate a deal, Reddit CEO Reed Huffman refused to back down. On June 30, Apollo shut down for good. Farewell, sweet prince.

13-inch MacBook Pro


The 13-inch MacBook Pro sparked controversy from the beginning. While it served as a suitable option for Apple users seeking an entry-level MacBook Pro without the power of pricier models, the much-maligned Touch Bar turned the 13-inch MacBook Pro into something of a punchline.

The concept of the OLED touchscreen replacing the top row of function keys was cool, but in practice, it proved to be tedious and gimmicky. Some users found the buttons unresponsive, leading to frustration with the extra steps required to locate the standard buttons. With the M2 15-inch MacBook Air holding its ground and the newly released M3 14-inch MacBook Pro, it became evident that the days of the 13-inch MacBook Pro were numbered. Farewell, Touch Bar – we won’t miss you.

Apple Lightning port


Apple’s Lightning port seemed to be running out of time. The proprietary charging setup faced its demise when the European Parliament enacted a law mandating compatibility for all smartphones and tablets. Despite Apple’s vigorous fight, arguing that abandoning the Lightning ports would generate more e-waste, the EU stood firm, compelling Apple to comply.


The Twitter brand: 2006-2023

Twitter Circles: 2022-2023

X, formerly Twitter, seems to have a remarkable ability to defy death. Despite Elon Musk’s apparent best efforts, X behaves like the Rasputin of social media platforms, refusing to quit. Even if X somehow manages to survive in a half-dead, zombified state, certain parts of it continue to fade away, earning it a spot on this list for two consecutive years.

Last year, we lamented the demise of a Twitter we enjoyed criticizing. This year, we grieve the passing of the name itself: “Twitter.” Musk’s fascination with the letter “X” is the apparent reason for renaming it to X, but this decision puzzled many, considering the iconic and widely recognized status of the brand.

In 2023, we bid farewell to Twitter Circles. During its brief existence, it provided an opportunity for many to gossip and engage in casual banter within an exclusive, invite-only space. However, one might question the need for such exclusivity when making your account private achieves a similar effect.

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