Apollo – Apollo Pharmacy, Online Medical Store, And Online Medicine Consultation

What is Apollo? Is this the Greek gods or the first mission by NASA that took humans back to the moon and back? Well, while all these may be true about Apollo, this very Apollo is different, and in this post, you are going to know all about one of the best India’s online pharmacies and health care platforms.



Apollo is India’s biggest omnichannel digital healthcare platform with a strong belief that “expertise is for everyone.” This platform according to its “about us” page combines Apollo’s legacy of clinical excellence, forward-looking research, affordable cost, and pricing with great cutting edge technology in a bid to make the best quality healthcare accessible easily to every Indian, but online.

What Is Apollo All About

This platform has a vision of removing the barriers of mobility from the healthcare system and it has done so by making it a reality. With the platform’s single website, you can get access to tons of services and this is inclusive of diagnostic tests, consultation from doctors, and online pharmacy all from the comfort of your home.

Apollo also offers expert-curated solutions to its customers for the management of chronic and serious conditions and Covid-care. The platforms also offer a digital vault with which you can upload and keep all of your medical histories. Some of the services of the Apollo healthcare platform include;

  • Online Doctor Consultations

Apollo has over 6000 doctors for every possible onboard specialty. The platform, Apollo 24|7 empowers its customers and consumers to book consultations with doctors in its platform within 15 minutes or even less all from the comfort of their homes. The online doctor consultation is done by the company and the online platform is done through video conferencing, online chats, or over the telephone.

  • Diagnostic Tests At Home

Apollo 24|7 just as the name sounds brings the trust of the platform right to your home with same-day reports, home sample collections, and cheap pricing on your lab tests.

  • Online Pharmacy

With a vast network of over 4000 Apollo pharmacies and other delivery partners, this platform is one of the few medical platforms and stores that can guarantee authenticity and the quality of its medicines alongside a 2-hour delivery of full prescription in more than 10,000 pin codes. The inventory of his platform is very impressive with over 13500 healthcare essentials and products and medicines including ayurvedic products, supplements, and many more.

  • Apollo CIRCLE

CIRCLE is Apollo’s privileged membership program for users who prioritize their wellbeing and wellness above every other thing. This membership plan promises consumers the promise of priority access to the platform’s best doctors, personalized care, exclusive deals, and holistic wellness offerings put together by experts in the field.

Apollo Mobile App

For easy and quick access to the services of this platform even on the go, it is advisable to get their mobile apps on your device. Whether you own an android device or an iOS device, there is an Apollo mobile app compatible and made just for you. Go to the Google play store or the Apple app store to download the Apollo medical app for your android and iOS devices respectively.

How to Consult a Doctor Online on Apollo

Consulting or booking an online consultation is easy. To do this either on the mobile app or the website, follow the steps below;

  • First, click or tap the “find a doctor” tab on the homepage of the app or website.
  • Next, select a specialty or enter the name of the doctor directly.
  • If you have selected a doctor, you can then click on the “consult now” tab or option to start with the online consultation.

If however, you are looking for a doctor based on your symptoms;

  • Go to the platform’s homepage on your app or website.
  • Click on the “track symptoms” tab and search for your symptoms.
  • Select a few of them from search results based on the condition of your health.
  • Next, click on “show doctors” to select a doctor and click on the “consult now” button to begin the online consultation process.

That’s it. When you follow the steps above correctly, you will be able to easily, successfully, and effectively consult a doctor in a few minutes.


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