Tarbell Fellowship Program 2023 for Journalists Across the Globe – APPLY NOW

Applications for the Tarbell Fellowship Program 2023, are now open, The program is designed for aspiring journalists around the world with a passion for emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence, to participate in this transformative experience.

Tarbell Fellowship Program

If you’re an early-career Journalist and wish to apply for this program, then, we’ve got you covered.  In this article, we’ll take you through all the essential details of the Tarbell Fellowship, from its objectives to its benefits and application process.

Tarbell Fellowship Program

The Tarbell Fellowship is a prestigious one-year program, as mentioned earlier, the program has been meticulously designed for early-career journalists who are keen on studying in detail about emerging technologies, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. This program is not just about reporting; it’s about making a meaningful impact on the world.

At the heart of Tarbell Fellowship lies a mission to support impact-focused journalists in highlighting and resolving some of the world’s most pressing global issues. The goal is simple: the journalism supported is expected to help as many individuals as possible.

Benefits of the Tarbell Fellowship Program

Let’s talk about what makes the Tarbell Fellowship stand out among journalism programs. That is, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Placement: Fellows of the Tarbell program are granted the opportunity of a lifetime; a 9-12 month placement at a major newsroom with a sharp focus on artificial intelligence. The details of these placements can vary depending on the specific outlet.
  • Stipend: Financial support is essential for early-career journalists, and Tarbell understands this well. Hence, Fellows receive stipends ranging from $35,000 to $50,000, depending on location and personal circumstances, ensuring that they can fully commit to their placements.
  • Intensive AI Training: Before being assigned to various placements, fellows undergo a rigorous 2-month program centered around AI technical and governance fundamentals. This program, conducted remotely, requires approximately 10 hours per week. It includes guest lectures, paired assignments, and readings – a comprehensive immersion into the world of AI.
  • Attend Oxford Summit: Imagine spending two weeks in the heart of academia (Oxford). The Tarbell Fellowship offers this unique experience, guest speakers, workshops, and networking events in both Oxford and London. Travel and accommodation costs are fully covered, making it an unforgettable opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria for Tarbell Fellowship

Are you wondering if you’re an eligible candidate for the Tarbell Fellowship? Check the qualification criteria below to confirm your eligibility status:

  • The Tarbell Fellowship Program is open to All Early-Career Journalists:
  • There’s no age limit for applicants, as long as you’re early in your journalism career.
  • A passion for artificial intelligence and its societal impact is important. Experience in tech journalism, machine learning research, or AI governance is a plus, but not mandatory.
  • Tarbell is looking for individuals who are passionate about journalism. Previous newsroom experience is desirable, but they prioritize potential over experience.
  • The ability to craft compelling stories quickly and effectively is crucial. You’re also expected to thrive under tight deadlines.
  • Journalism can be challenging, and the ability to persevere in the face of adversity is a must. Hence, you must be resilient and relentless in pursuing your goals.
  • A commitment to seeking the truth, even when it conflicts with prior beliefs, is required. Fellows should be open to criticism and continuously strive to improve.

How to Apply for the Tarbell Fellowship Program 2023?

Having confirmed your eligibility status what’s to take the plunge? Here’s how to apply:

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Tarbell Fellowship is October 1, 2023.


Is there an age limit for Tarbell Fellowship applicants?

No, there is no age limit for applicants. The program welcomes early-career journalists of all ages.

What is the duration of the Tarbell Fellowship placement?

Fellows typically spend 9-12 months in a major newsroom covering artificial intelligence.

Can I apply if I don’t have prior journalism experience?

Yes, you can. While prior newsroom experience is desirable, Tarbell prioritizes potential and passion for journalism.

Are the stipends fixed, or do they vary?

Stipends can vary between $35,000 to $50,000, depending on your location and personal circumstances.

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