T-Mobile’s New Go5G Next Plan Gives Users A New Smartphone Every Year

T-Mobile’s new Go5G next plan reportedly gives users a new smartphone every year. The new plan of the company simply brings back what many see as the best idea that carriers ever had.

T-Mobile's New Go5G Next Plan

T-Mobile’s New Go5G Next Plan

T-Mobile back in April added a couple of new premium 5G plans that provided subscribers with more data as well as roaming perks. And now the carrier in question has a third offering at the top of its list that reportedly brings back a beloved feature from phone plans of yore, which as you should know means getting a new device every year.

Go5G Next, just as the new plan is known, has essentially the same benefits as the higher-priced of the two plans that were introduced back in April, Go5G Plus, which itself in question had the best parts of the Magenta plans but however with additional hotspot data and even more data for roaming in the regions of Mexico and Canada. The big draw of Go5G Plus however was to allow subscribers to trade in and then upgrade to a new phone every two years. Go5G Next on the other hand shaves that down to just one year.

What You Need To Access the Benefits and Perks of This Plan

The caveat here is that you will get to need to pay off half of the value of your phone before getting to trade it in for a brand-new device. That in question should not be a problem for many subscribers. With a reported 24-month installment plan, half the money is paid off after a year anyway. And if subscribers choose to pay more per every single month and get to that milestone earlier, then they can effectively trade-in for a new device as early as six months just after getting their last one, as per T-Mobile’s press release.

Perks of Go5G Next

The other perk of Go5G Next that was carried over from Go5G Plus is guaranteed access to the same promotions that the carrier offers new subscribers. If it is that T-Mobile dangles an attractive deal on the upcoming iPhone 15 in a bid to lure customers away from other carriers, then subscribers of Go5G Next and Go5G Plus can utilize that promotion, too.

You will however need to pay extra for the privilege of upgrading your phone every single year as Go5G Next costs a whopping $100 a month for a single line (when it is that you are signed up for auto pay), which as you should know is $10 above the $90 monthly rate of Go5G Plus.

T-Mobile will not allow users to “mix and match” unlimited plans for an account, the carrier just recently confirmed to CNET. For instance, if it is that you have four lines and only one wants to upgrade every single year, then they all must be on Go5G Next. T-Mobile very much unlike its rivals has required all users that are on an account generally to be on the same plan instead of just letting for flexibility.

T-Mobile did not respond to a request for comment immediately in regards to the matter.

T-Mobile’s Plans Compared To Other Carriers

It is also a little much more difficult to compare the plans of T-Mobile directly to its competitors. For a $100 monthly subscription of a single line (which is including taxes and fees), Go5G Next as you should know is inclusive of Apple TV Plus and Netflix subscriptions among many other benefits.

The comparable updated 5G Unlimited Plus plan of Verizon kicks off at $65 for a single line (plus taxes and fees) and this is including 30GB of hotspot data and allows you to select streaming options such as the Disney bundle (Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus) or Apple One (including Apple TV Plus) for $10 per option. AT&T Unlimited Premium on the other hand is priced at $85 a month for a single line (plus taxes and fees) and does not even include a streaming service, but however has 50GB of hotspot data.

Is The Plan Worth It?

But for people that are much eager to upgrade their phone yearly, paying a tad bit more every single month for Go5G Next might just be worth it in the long run. And by contrast, the phone installment plans of Verizon and AT&T offer new devices in the space of three years.

In the previous month, there were also small price spikes for older Verizon as well as AT&T plans.



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