Starfield Developers Confirms Game Has Jail for Space Crimes

Starfield developers confirms the game has jail for space crimes in a new Q&A. In a new twist of events, the developers of the game Starfield have just recently confirmed that the game now has jail for space crimes, how interesting.

Starfield Confirms Jail for Space Crimes

Starfield Confirms Jail for Space Crimes

The release date for Starfield is fast approaching, and two of the developers of the game have now revealed to enthusiasts a whole bunch of more detail regarding the space RPG in a Q&A session that took place in the official Discord server of Bethesda Studios.

There is really plenty to get into, but here is however a handy roundup of many of the most interesting details that were shared by developers Emil Pagliarulo and Will Shen (via Game8), and this is including new mechanics for jail, housing, and even faction betrayal.

How Jail For Space Crimes Will Work in the Game

So, how about that reported space jail? Players indeed, who get to commit crimes in the game will be finding themselves faced with either arrest or a fine, or, if it is that they want to fully lean into their virtual, interstellar life of crime, they can simply resist and then attempt to escape. Intriguingly, it was even teased that at some points in Starfield, the “themes of crime and punishment in our futuristic universe” will be explored in more depth, interesting right?

If however, it is that you are wondering what constitutes a crime out in space, one instance that the game developers highlighted was smuggling illegal contraband items. Players will very much be able to purchase “special ship modules” which can be utilized to hide things – the main piece of advice from Pagliarulo here was simply, “Don’t get caught with those harvested organs”. A really sound recommendation that you just might want to take to heart if it is that you don’t want to spend your in-game life running from the law.

Other Details about the Game

We already were aware that there are going to be multiple factions that are set to join in Starfield, but Shen has now revealed that in one faction storyline, players will get to act as an undercover agents and then infiltrate a faction while acting on behalf of yet another distinct group, and will then ultimately be able to decide which side to betray. Brutal.

As for the housing feature, on the other hand, the developers revealed that players in the game will be able to purchase themselves somewhere to live in any of the major in-game cities. Some properties in question are unlocked as rewards for quests, too, which sounds very much like a much more affordable and effective way to jump on the galactic property ladder.

What to Not Expect From This RPG Game

And while eagle-eyed fans may just have prior to this noticed mechs featured in one of the Starfield animated shorts, you should not go into the RPG expecting to be able to pilot one all by yourself. But quite unfortunately, they are not usable at all, as they are just “in ruins” after the Colony War.

Finally, it has been confirmed now that players will be able to recruit 20 named companions with unique backgrounds as well as skills, which can be stacked with your very own.

The Full Q&A Session

The full Q&A session in question can be found in the constellation-questions channel in the Bethesda Studios Discord server, but you will however need to sign up for a Bethesda account on the Starfield website in a bid to be granted access.



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