How big is StarField – How Many Planets Does the Game Have?

Ever since it was announced, a lot of players would be pondering this question how big is StarField? Well, any open-world game lives or dies based on its size, scale, and the quality of its environment, and for Starfield, it is unlikely to turn out differently. Fortunately, there are a few nuggets of details available out there that would help you with getting answers.

How big is StarField

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How big is StarField

In case you have been out in space yourself, Stratfield is a keenly anticipated open world-sci-fi RPG From Bethesda in the tradition of fallout 4 or Skyrim. However, unlike its processors, this upcoming title takes place in an entirely new setting. Already boasting a distinct NASA-inspired, hard-Sci=Fi aesthetic, Starfield places emphasis on exploration which, though present in the elder scrolls and fallout games, have never been emphasized as boldly as they are on Stratfield.

Although we are not yet sure exactly when it would be coming, Starfield could be launched in March of 2023 if we are lucky. What this basically means is that we would have their hands on the game much sooner rather than later – which is even more reason to find out just exactly what we should be expecting from Starfield’s open world.

And just as expected, we are excited about Starfield’s space combat, even one of the most thrilling battles that need a suitably epic backdrop. Just as anticipated, the game’s release on Xbox X/S and PC, we also have been wondering just how big the world on Starfield is going to be. Fortunately, we have gotten some details on just how big the information would come our way that we feel you would not want to miss out on.

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How Big is StarField?

According to the Starfield official gameplay reveal trailer, there are “over 100 systems” that have “over 1,000 planets” which are “all open for you to explore.” The trailer of entails that landing on each of these planets is a great option for your intrepid explorer. When you arrive in this new world, you can, according to Bethesda, “explore anywhere on the planet.”

This has suggested that the total amount of Starfield’s explorable terrestrial area would be immense. The game’s main campaign is set to take place in an area that is roughly 20% bigger compared to fallout 4 and Skyrim, as stated by the gamer.

Procedural Generation

When it comes to areas that extend beyond the main campaign, they would most likely be procedurally generated, according to IGN’s interview with Bethesda game Studios’ creative director Todd Howard.

What this means is that the quality of the off-piste environments would be quite contingent on the quality of Bethesda’s approach to procedural generation. However, if the developer manages to successfully craft a system that is capable of creating an exciting and dynamic environment for players, Then there would be endless possibilities, especially when you are considering the fact that starfield would be moddable like Skyrim.

That’s to say nothing of the scope of starfield’s space travel and interplanetary exploration on. It is safe for you to assume that there would be plenty of room to engage in the game’s ambitious space combat. The trailer of the Gameplay has also shown off space travel, clearly suggesting that there would be more to exploring on Starfield than just the regular planet-side exploration.

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Is Starfield a Big Game?

In 2023, Starfield is going to be one of the biggest games to launch. There is a reason why Bethesda Game Studios’ new RPG is already being considered to be among the top Xbox series X games, and it might have something to do with the studio’s propensity for releasing some of the best RPGs ever created.

Will Starfield be Bigger than Skyrim?

The StarField Dev’s new game is bigger than Skyrim. The axis unseen is an upcoming indie game created solely by a former Skyrim developer, and it looks a lot bigger and even more metal compare to any Bethesda game.

Can you Fly Ships in StarField?

Instead of allowing the player to fly their craft through the atmosphere and onto the surface of one of the starfield’s thousands of planets, the space RPG prefers to keep space and planet life separate.

Will StarField have Space Combat?

We are already aware of the fact that starfield would also include faster-than-light travel in some form, but the notion of powering up your ship’s drive suggests that you would be able to launch right into hyperspace mid-combat.

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