Sony Reportedly Orders 2 Million PlayStation VR2 Headsets

Sony reportedly orders 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets. The video gaming company is now going all in on its new virtual reality headset as per reports from Bloomberg.

Sony Reportedly Orders 2 Million PlayStation VR2 Headsets

Sony Reportedly Orders 2 Million PlayStation VR2 Headsets

The maker of PlayStation Sony is now hoping that its new PlayStation VR2 headsets coupled with the increased availability of the PS5 will lead to a big 2023 for its gaming sector. The firm recently ordered 2 million of its virtual reality headsets and it is now planning to market them alongside a push for the PS5 immediately after the production constraints ease in the early parts of next year, Bloomberg on Monday reported.

Price and Release Date for the PlayStation VR2 Headsets

The company is yet to announce the price or the release date for the new headsets but they are however not standalone devices and thus will need a PS5 console in order to work. The next-gen console at the moment sells for $500, and Bloomberg has speculated that the VR2 headsets could cost as nearly as much.

The VR2 Will Sport a 110-Degree OLED Display

The VR2 will sport a 110-degree OLED display alongside a foveated rendering and eye tracking. Advanced components in the device could help to push the price as noted by Bloomberg. This device will be the second foray of Sony into the VR gaming market having released the $400 PlayStation VR for the PS4 back in 2016. And according to Forbes, the device sold 5 million units.

Meta Has Been the Leader in VR Headsets Industry

Meta which is the parent company of Facebook has been the leader in the VR headsets industry for a long time now. The company’s standalone Quest 2 which also starts at $400 is one of the most popular and used VR headsets on the market right now. And it is reported by market researcher IDC that it sold 2.8 million units in the first quarter of its availability.

Sony Is Betting That the VR2 Will Sell Almost As Well As the Quest 2 VR

Sony with this new development is betting that the VR2 will sell almost as well even though consumer spending has dipped considerably ever since fall 2020 when the Quest 2 was launched.


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