Google Pixel 6a Reportedly Drops To Its Lowest Price Ever

Google Pixel 6a reportedly drops to its lowest price ever at amazon ahead of the launch of the Pixel 7. That being said, we think that this is the best mid-range android device to buy at the moment.

Google Pixel 6a Reportedly Drops To Its Lowest Price Ever

Google Pixel 6a Reportedly Drops To Its Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has just dropped its asking price for the Google Pixel 6a which was discounted today down to just $349, a full $150 off the original asking retail price.

This very deal beats the previous price that was recorded by $50 and thus makes this latest flagship from Google a very tempting choice if you are looking for a powerful android device without having to break the bank. And even with the launch of the Google Pixel 7 just around the corner, the Google pixel 6a is very much likely to stay around as part of the lineup of devices by the brand as the more budget-oriented choice.

In general, this is a decent buy all thanks to its Tensor chip and camera which both are reported to be of the same standard as the Google Pixel 6.

The Google Pixel 6a Fall Slightly Short In Its Lower Resolution Screen

One position where the Google pixel 6a fall slightly short is its lower resolution screen which is 60Hz Vs the standard pixels 90Hz and its polymer construction. In comparison to the pixels 6’s glass back design, the pixel 6a feels more like a mid-range device which is albeit one that is just as powerful and feature-packed.

The Pixel 6a A Will Be $150 Cheaper Than the Standard Pixel 6 at Amazon

The pricing of the device this day makes the pixel 6a a full $150 cheaper compared to the standard pixel 6 at amazon and $100 less than the similarly mid-ranged Samsung galaxy A53 which establishes itself easily as the value choice right now. We would be very much surprised if there was a better mid-range android device between now and Black Friday which is set to take place next month.


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