Report Says Apple CEO Met With Pope Francis in Vatican City

Report says Apple CEO met with Pope Francis in Vatican City as the pope granted a private audience to the head of the company that produces macs and iPhones.

Report Says Apple CEO Met With Pope Francis in Vatican City

Report Says Apple CEO Met With Pope Francis in Vatican City

Apple CEO, Tim Cook was recently granted a private audience with Pope Francis on Monday as per reports from Reuters thus citing the public schedule of the pope. The stop of cook at the Vatican came amid a much larger tour of Italy during which he has also been visiting apple stores, schools, and app developers following the launch of the iPhone 14 last month.

The Vatican Did Not Disclose What Was Discussed During the Private Meeting

Reuters claims that as it is customary, the Vatican did not make mention of what was discussed during the private meeting. And that being said, Apple did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

The Significance of the Meeting with the Pope

The meeting between cook and the pope marks the latest connection of the apple CEO on the global stage. The 61-year-old tech executive has often met with business and political leaders ever since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs named him the CEO of apple over a decade ago. And just recently Jobs regularly met with world leaders and this is including a prominent 2011 dinner in Silicon Valley with the then president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Cook’s Global Influence

Cook has continued in those efforts and in the process traveling often to Washington DC and meeting with US presidents and lawmakers. Cook back in 2019 invited then-president, Donald trump to the Apple facility based in Texas which is tasked with assembling the latest mac Pro computers of the company.

Just last year, both cook and CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella met with president Joe Biden to discuss cybersecurity amid high-profile hacks that led to the shutdown of a gas pipeline and a major producer of meat.


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