Starfield Release Date, Trailers and Gameplay

Finally, Starfield has gotten a release date. Well sort of. It has been offered a wide-release window, but by all accounts, you should be playing the game in 2023. This news is great for fans of Bethesda’s unique brand of RPGs, especially when considering that Starfield happens to be the very first new IP from the studio in years.



But While there isn’t no much time to wait any longer for Starfield to be released, there are tons of things that we do not know about at the moment concerning the upcoming space RPG. For one, people have been asking questions concerning when it would be launching. Also, people have been asking about just how big the game would be.

What we’ve seen so far has proven to be quite promising, however, the gameplay showcase that was released in 2022 offered us a better look at crafting and gunplay, and it all certainly seems to be a major step up.

While we are waiting for more details on Starfield, you would find this page to be constantly updated with all of the latest information. Also rumors that held weight were also included so that you would be able to start to place some things together as to what we would be playing next year

Release Date

Starfield is expected to launch for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC sometime during the first half of 2023, just right after Bethesda announced that there would be a delay for the game.

When it comes to when the game would launch during the first half of 2023, some small print spotted at the bottom of an Xbox Game Pass subscription plan page suggest that we should be expecting the game to launch “early in 2023”.

Further to that, Kingscat host, KingFanMan, has theorized that it could be March 2023. As stated by him, Bethesda has only delayed three games before and while “all three games were expected to launch in the fall” just like Starfield, “All three games came out in march of the following year.” At the moment, nothing has been said, and we have to wait for something official from Bethesda before we can actually be certain.

Originally, at the E3 2021, Bethesda announced that the Starfield could be released on November 11, 2022. In an interview that took place with Washington Post, Todd Howard stated that the studio was “confident in the date”, and according to Bethesda, the delay is to ensure that the player gets the best and the most polished version of the game.

When Starfield does release, it would be an Xbox console exclusive, with the E3 2021 trailer explicitly confirming this, ruling out a PS5 release. It would be on the Xbox one either, Bethesda’s moving on from Microsoft’s Last-Gen console. Seeing as Microsoft now owns the developer Bethesda, this actually could be indicative of the future of titles like the Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 moving on.


The gameplay stretches quite long and far. The game features tons of things for players to try out, and below I would be stating them. There is much to expect from this game:


During the 2022’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, our first in-depth look at Starfield’s gameplay. Beginning with the customization, we are playing a fully customizable protagonist. Changeable skin tone, head shapes, hair, hair color, eyes, and body details, Bethesda is offering us the usual options here, along with ‘Background’ and ‘Traits’.

Ship Customization

This presentation would also offer you the first real look at ship customization also. You would be able to piece an entire section together, swapping out core components like cockpits, engines, and more. And it seems there is no need to get those part crafted individually. It seems you would be purchasing these individual vendors across different locations.

Unvoiced Character

Not long after the presentation, Bethesda confirmed on twitter revealing that starfield makes use of the first-person perspective for dialogue and our character also would not be voiced, which may be welcome news. For those that are not aware, a voiced protagonist was originally attempted by Bethesda in Fallout 4, which received widespread criticism.

Exploration and Gunplay

While this showcase was on, we went to the rocky moon of Kreet as a part of an early mission, and Kreet’s one of Starfield’s many different explorable locations. Notably, this demo has also confirmed we can play Starfield in first-person and third-person during gameplay, showing off both during this demo

We got to take a look at the local wildwilfe during this reveal also we got a look at mining, and combat. Locating an abandoned research facility, we discovered that it has been overrun by a pirate group known as the Crimson Fleet, and it’s down to us to get them cleared of the facility.


Finally, in an entirely separate blog post from bethesda, it also elaborated on outposts that you would find on discovered planets. The publishers not sharing too much at the moment, though we know we can carry out our very own research with previously gathered materials. These resources would in turn upgrade our character’s gear and notably. This also includes modifying weapons.

Length and Mission Structure

Todd Howard in an IGN interview stated that the game would be 20% bigger than Bethesda’s previous games, such as the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. Estimating that you would need about 30 – 40 hours for you to complete the main story alone. According to him, “This one’s ending up a little bit longer [than our previous games] and we may tune that some still. It’s more quests, so it might be 20% more than our previous ones”.

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