Splatoon 3’s Single Player Expansion Will Launch Next Year

Splatoon 3’s single player expansion will launch next year. This news simply means that the second wave of Splatoon 3’s expansion pass will be coming next spring.

Splatoon 3’s Single Player Expansion Launch

Splatoon 3’s Single Player Expansion Launch

Splatoon 3’s expansion pass is reportedly getting a new single-player campaign. The DLC, referred to as Side Order, comes out in spring 2024 and it is designed to “be replayed over and over,” as per Nintendo.

The new DLC in question invites you to see what has happened to Inkopolis Square, which in case you don’t know is the city that is featured in Splatoon 2. And as you traverse the Spire of Order, you can then continue to level up your abilities simply by adding upgrades to run speed, splash damage, and many more. The new mode in question for those that are curious also features damage counters that will appear when you splat your enemies, which seems quite a bit distracting at a first look.

Splatoon 3 Launch and Expansion Pass

After launching Splatoon 3 in September last year, Nintendo launched the first part of its expansion pass back in February, which enables you to return to Inkopolis Plaza from the very first Splatoon game. The expansion pass of the game costs $24.99 and it will also be inclusive of Side Order once it gets to launch in 2024.

Mario and Donkey Kong Reportedly Face Off In Game Boy Advance Remake

In a shared and just recently released trailer, Mario and Donkey Kong reportedly face off in a remake of Game Boy Advance, making the very old rivalry return to our screens.

He is the leader of the bunch that is if only you know him well. And now he is finally back to kick some Mario tail in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong for those that don’t know seems to be a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance game. And in the game, Mario must complete a couple of platforming puzzles in a bid to get to Donkey Kong and then thwart his theft of windup Mario toys.

The Game’s Announcement

Though the game in question seems like an out-of-the-blue announcement, we however did have some hints that a new Donkey Kong game of some stripe was on the horizon. Pyoro, who is a prolific (and at most times accurate) Nintendo leaker, began dropping hints in the early parts of this month that a DK game would be announced at this Direct.

And it turns out, they were actually right again, with their clever hint accurately predicting that it would not be a standalone Donkey Kong game but however one in which the ancient rivalry that is between the Kong and the Plumber would finally be revived.

Mario Vs Donkey King Launch Date

The game Mario vs. Donkey Kong will launch on the Switch on February 16th.



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