Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Price – Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Launch Date

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack price. After a few weeks of waiting, Nintendo finally gave us the price for the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack. This incredible pack adds the playable Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to the services it offers.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Price

This new service might appear as a shock to most of the Nintendo switch online players that are already used to the service offering for just $20 a year. Now, with the expansion pack, the online players would have to suffer a price increase which might not seem fortunate to some.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Price

Close to the end of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, Nintendo brought to light that the Pricing for the online service will clock $49.99 per year for individual subscribers. And for a family subscription, it is going to hit $79.99. This change in price came as a significant bump for Nintendo online compared to the regular price. Well, Nintendo revealed that the expansion pack would be accommodated with home paradise DLC for the animal crossing: new horizon, N64, and Genesis games.

Expansion Pack Ups and Downs

Purchasing a happy home paradise alone would cost you $24.99. so, as a fan of animal crossing, you should take advantage of this opportunity and purchase the expansion pack as it could be worth it this year. Take not that animal crossing, N64, and Genesis games are only just what was added to the expansion pack. So, with the normal subscription, you would have access to all the other features of the platform.

Well, this pricing might not hold out well with Nintendo players that are not fans of the animal crossing DLC. So far, the Nintendo switch online expansion pack has generated lots of likes and an unreasonable amount of dislike which would not bode well with the company’s plan. So far, there is a contingent number of players that are not in support of what Nintendo is about to bring to the table.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Launch Date

The major question now is if this decision of adding the DLC to the expansion pack is a one-off thing when it comes to animal crossing, or will Nintendo be bringing more DLC to the platform in the coming future. Well, sooner or later we would discover Nintendo’s plans for the online platform. On the 25th of October, Nintendo would be launching the expansion pack with a discount for those that are already subscribed to Nintendo switch online.


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