The Next Season of Splatoon 3 is Set to Start on Dec. 1

The next season of Splatoon 3 is set to start on Dec. 1 and adds Big Run, X Rank, and many more – this is coming as the next big seasonal update of Splatoon is just on the horizon.

The Next Season of Splatoon 3 is Set to Start on Dec. 1

The Next Season of Splatoon 3 is Set to Start on Dec. 1

Splatoon 3’s next content season is all but set to kick things off on December 1, Nintendo on Monday made the announcement. The Chill season as it is referred to will introduce a slate of new features and content to the game and this is including weapons, additional stages, and X-rank battles.

Two additional maps will be headlining the new content and they are the brand-new Brinewater Springs and the returning Flounder Heights from the first Splatoon.

The Catalog of Splatoon 3 Will Level Up As You Play

Three brand new weapons and 10 returning ones on top of all that is set to come in the next season as this is an entirely new catalog. And similar to Battle Passes in other games such as Fortnite, the catalog of Splatoon 3 will level up as you play the game and in turn unlock special emotes, gear, titles, and many other customization items as you get to hit different levels.

The Chill Season Also Is Introducing X Battles

Another thing you should know is that the Chill Season also is introducing X battles which are highly competitive matchups for players who get to a high rank in the Anarchy Battles mode. And once you have gotten to the X rank, you will need to wager X power in order to take part in these matches and then compete for a spot on the leaderboards.

The New Season Will Be Bringing the First Big Run Event of Splatoon 3

Lastly, the new season will be bringing the first big run event of Splatoon 3. This very twist on the Salmon Run mode will get to see Salmonid enemies invading one of the regular stages of the game.


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