Nvidia Provides Update on Its RTX 4090 Cable Controversy

Nvidia provides update on its RTX 4090 cable controversy and it is not something that you would want to hear. The sooner that users get firm and actual details on what is really going on the better for everyone.

Nvidia Provides Update on Its RTX 4090 Cable Controversy

Nvidia Provides Update on Its RTX 4090 Cable Controversy

Graphics card manufacturer, Nvidia has now updated users of sorts on the controversy of melting cables that have affected most of the users and owners of the new flagship RTX 4090 graphics card although doubtless, it is not new that users and owners who have been hit by the problem want to hear at the moment.

What Nvidia Revealed To KitGuru about Its Cable Issues     

With that being said, what is the big update from the tech company? Nvidia has revealed to KitGuru that: “We continue to investigate the reports, however, we don’t have further details to share yet. Nvidia and our partners are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring an expedited RMA process for them.”

As you had hoped, Nvidia came out very early to say that would be investigating the problem. And with that being said, the new update here is just to let users know that the investigative process is continuing and there really is nothing else to say or add yet.

The Update from Nvidia Is Quite Disappointing

It’s quite disappointing to get what is termed an effective sort of non-update from Nvidia. And evidently, this is a complex issue to address. But we are however hopeful that we will not have to be waiting for a long time before we get to hear something factual and concrete from the company as to what really is going on here.

The problem here as you should know is that the longer we wait and don’t hear an official answer, the more other theories are floating around as to what might be the reason for these melting adaptor cable incidents.


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